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JS Thomas Service, Inc., Gets Paid Faster Using MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies

JS Thomas technicians Danny Hunter and Tony Bussie use iPad-based MobiliForms at a customer’s site. The switch from paper to digital forms has sped up billing and improved customer satisfaction.

By making the transition from paper service tickets to iPads® using iBusiness Technologies’ MobiliForms, JS Thomas Service, Inc., sped up its billing process, so now they get paid faster. The move also improved customer satisfaction. Because MobiliForms is compatible with QuickBooks®, the switch was easy.

JS Thomas is a full-line mechanical service company supporting customers in the commercial office, medical, manufacturing, industrial, and data center businesses throughout Atlanta and north Georgia. “We have some of the best technicians in the industry working for us,” proudly stated Jim F. Thomas, president and second generation owner of JS Thomas. “Our HVAC service team members rank among the best in Atlanta in expertise—from two-ton split systems to 1,000-plus-ton centrifugal chillers. Unfortunately, their handwriting and paperwork organization skills sometimes do not rise to the same top-notch levels.”

“I am most pleased with how MobiliForms has accelerated our billing process, positively impacting our cash flow”

—Jim F. Thomas, President, JS Thomas Service, Inc.

Thomas does not hire his field team members on the basis of managing paperwork, however, and his home office staff did their best to handle the paper service tickets that came in weekly from the field. When Thomas read in Smart Solutions about how iBusiness Technologies is working with other MCAA member companies to convert paper forms and project documents to mobile, he knew he had found a solution to his burdensome and common problem.

iBusiness Technologies has partnered with Apple® to provide the iPad-based MobiliForms solution to MCAA members. Field techs are now interactively completing their familiar, identical forms and instantly sending them back to the office for same-day invoicing. This process eliminates paper forms that can be difficult to read, get lost, or need to be driven or shipped back to the office. Technicians love the ability to capture images and even mechanical sounds right into MobiliForms. Customers like signing on the iPad. The compatibility of MobiliForms with QuickBooks provides JS Thomas with a low-cost, powerful, and complete business system with mobile capabilities.

Thomas collaborated with iBusiness Technologies’ programming team to bring to life his familiar service ticket, which now easily captures essential information and automatically computes parts, materials, and labor hours. JS Thomas’ existing refrigerant log, pricing request sheet, and time sheet are also now all iPad-based.

Using 13 iPads, the JS Thomas service team stores completed forms and project documentation in the cloud for immediate access by the office. This instant accessibility boosts customer satisfaction by speeding up processing and ensuring tight recordkeeping.

For Thomas, the ability to leverage mobile solutions for daily invoicing without the upheaval of replacing his software was a tremendous benefit of the transition from paper to MobiliForms. “I saw MobiliForms as a way to neaten service tickets, project the expertise of our technicians, and look more professional to our customers, but I am most pleased with how MobiliForms has accelerated our billing process, positively impacting our cash flow.”

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