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CNA and MCA of Georgia Work Together to Renovate Atlanta Youth Home

Global business insurer CNA, the Mechanical Contractors Association (MCA) of Georgia, and several other construction trade associations partnered with the nonprofit community revitalization group Rebuilding Together to celebrate the 123rd anniversary of Atlanta’s Carrie Steele-Pitts Home (CSPH), one of the nation’s oldest child-caring homes. On October 15, approximately 100 volunteers gathered for a day of major repairs to renovate and transform CSPH.

Since 2004, the CNA Foundation has partnered with Rebuilding Together to help improve homes and community centers of veterans and elderly, disabled, and low-income residents in Chicago’s most challenged neighborhoods. Rebuilding Together and CNA expanded this relationship to assist communities nationwide, with the help of volunteers from CNA’s construction partners representing the plumbing/ HVAC, roofing, electrical, and lawn/ landscape specialties.

Individuals representing Rebuilding Together, CNA, MCA of Georgia, the National Roofing Contractors Association, and the Land Improvement Contractors of America spent the day painting, upgrading electricity, providing plumbing and carpentry repairs, and enhancing the landscaping of two CSPH residential apartments. These critical modifications will help in the preservation and safety of the apartments while ensuring that CSPH continues to operate and provide its residents with the highest living standards.

“CNA and all of our construction association partners are proud to provide the elbow grease for these rebuild day renovations,” said John Tatum, vice president of construction for CNA. “The repairing of damaged roofing, replacing windows and doors, installing new bathroom facilities, flooring and interior walls will serve as a wonderful commemoration for all of the work and the strong impact CSPH has had on the children of Atlanta.”

CSPH is dedicated to the comprehensive care, education, and shelter of Atlanta’s children and young adults with the goal of fostering success and independence. Over 20,000 children have received educational services, transitional assistance, and residential care through CSPH.

“These residential buildings are a critical element of the services CSPH provides to our young adult residents who are preparing to transition into lives outside of this community,” said Evelyn Lavizzo, PhD, executive director of CSPH. “Here, our youth learn the value of independent living, while still experiencing a caring, family atmosphere—that many of them may not have had otherwise—that will better position them to succeed in adulthood.”

The celebration of the CPSH anniversary also marked the kick-off of the second annual Rebuilding Together Tradesperson of the Year campaign. Tradesperson of the Year is a national contest recognizing persons in the skilled-trades industry who are leaders in their trade and give back to the community.

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