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BMWC Safely Executes a Heavy Lift, Thanks to Lifting Gear Hire

To set two 15’ x 52’ cooling tower unit sections inside an active, working refinery without disrupting day-to-day operations, BMWC worked with LGH to create a lift plan that maximized use of the heavy equipment, saving BMWC time and money.

Cooperation and Planning Help BMWC Move Quickly, Save Costs

For a challenging project with a short timeline, BMW Constructors, Inc. (BMWC), partnered with Lifting Gear Hire (LGH), who not only supplied the appropriately sized, tested, and certified lift equipment but also expertise in developing a lift plan. As a result, BWWC set two 15’ x 52’ cooling tower unit sections inside an active, working refinery without disrupting day-to-day operations, completing the project on schedule and under budget. In addition to coordinating placement and use of a 550-ton crane, submitting an engineer lift plan for approval, and preparing the site to meet the project soil compaction requirements, BMWC was also responsible for removing the HVAC/scrubber units.

The Lifting Solution

Lifting Gear Hire provided the correct design configuration of the rigging and modular spreader beams to the structural engineer to create the critical lift plan. The quoting process used by LGH assisted the structural engineers in easily identifying equipment weight and capacities needed for calculations, as well as providing all of the safety certifications needed. “The involvement of LGH’s team really built a high level of confidence with our client,” states Dan Stegvilas, BMWC purchasing manager. Stegvilas added, “LGH has also been proactive instead of reactive, and they are always available with the right tools and expertise when needed.”

The lift design configuration was planned so that the same rigging equipment could be used for both critical lifts in different configurations as needed, further enhancing BMWC’s cost- and time-savings. Modular spreader beams played a key role, allowing the project’s structural engineer to adjust the equipment according to each lift quickly—within the two-day time frame allotted for both lifts.

Ideal Outcome

The entire scope of work was completed in one week, with the critical lift taking place over a weekend. The project was completed without injury or incident, on schedule, and under budget as well. John Manta, BMWC vice president of marketing & sales, said, “Working with LGH is always a positive experience. From top to bottom within their organization, every individual that I’ve worked with or come across nationally has been 100-percent supportive of our company’s efforts in all areas.”

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