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Anderson, Rowe & Buckley Shaves Hours, Speeds Up Cash Flow With MobiliForms From iBusiness

In the field, AR&B technicians use MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies on iPads to speed up reporting, eliminate errors, improve communication, and accelerate cash flow.

Anderson, Rowe & Buckley (AR&B) deployed MobiliForms from iBusiness Technologies, cutting labor costs and going paperless painlessly. “Our 100+ field techs are shaving time each day, and I’ve personally recaptured eight hours per week,” said Darin Sheridan, HVAC superintendent, who is tasked with overseeing the solution.

Technology upgrades are notorious for creating upheaval, busting budgets, and falling short on promises. After carefully examining the alternatives, AR&B selected MobiliForms to streamline operations with mobile. The solution paid for itself quickly, implementation took just weeks, and it works hand-in-hand with their current backend software.

“[With MobiliForms,] our 100+ field techs are shaving time each day, and I’ve personally recaptured eight hours per week.”

—Darin Sheridan, HVAC Superintendent. Anderson, Rowe & Buckley, Inc.

“Our primary goal was to standardize processes, but we’ve also been able to cut clerical mistakes and eliminate the need to rewrite tickets, and our customers absolutely love it. MobiliForms is among the best partners we have,” noted Sheridan. AR&B’s service orders, daily reports, requisitions, and timecards now appear exactly the same on iPads as they do on paper, and techs can capture images and signatures digitally. Based in San Francisco, the company has been around since 1921, so there are many long-time employees who did not grow up using digital technology. However, they are adapting easily to their familiar and identical forms on iPads.

AR&B’s critical documents are instantly emailed or stored in the cloud to share with foremen, subcontractors, and customers, which has improved communications and accelerated cash flow. Team members can collaboratively resolve issues quickly as they arise. Sheridan heard about successes other MCAA member companies had replacing paper forms. What compelled him was the fact that MobiliForms did not require any change to his backend software and that all forms would appear identical on the company’s devices.

According to Forbes Magazine, more than 50 percent of digital transformations do not go properly, and companies’ expectations are not met. MobiliForms, however, has an extraordinary track record of success within the MCAA/MSCA. The 2016 MSCA Field Service Software Report, conducted by independent laboratory JBKLabs, the research and development team of JBKnowledge, concluded, “Contractors looking for a low-cost, low-risk, and incremental transition to field mobile operations would do well with MobiliForms.”

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