Resource Highlight: MCAA’s Scaffold Safety Training Video & Accompanying Materials

September 10, 2021

Each week, MCAA will highlight one or more of the educational resources that are free to MCAA members as a benefit of membership. This week, we focus on MCAA’s Scaffold Safety Training Video and its materials. This video will teach your workers to protect themselves from the hazards inherent in working at heights on both mobile and stationary frame scaffolding.

Your workers will learn about:

  • Scaffold setup
  • Scaffold height and capacity limitations
  • Safe access
  • Fall prevention and protection
  • Safe work practices

The video comes with a pocket guide that highlights key training points, a training documentation sheet, a 20-question multiple choice test, and a test answer key.

Download the Video and Accompanying Materials

Video | Pocket Guide | Documentation Sheet | Test | Answer Key

Have Questions or Need Personal Assistance?

Contact MCAA’s Raffi Elchemmas.

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