Did you Miss our Webinar on the BIM Software Analysis Report?

July 3, 2016
This second Construction Technology Initiative Research Report by JBKLabs evaluates BIM Software.

JBKnowledge’s latest research report in the MCAA Construction Technology Research Series – BIM Software Analysis – was featured in a webinar on June 23.

Josh Bone, the report’s principal author, led the webinar and offered insights into the study findings, explained the differences in the software tested and answered questions about BIM and virtual design and construction processes and systems.

If you missed this chance to learn more about the software available for these technologies and how they can help improve your business operations and projects, and you’re an MCAA or MSCA member, you can listen to the archived webinar as a benefit of membership.

You can listen to the webinar here and download the BIM Software Analysis Report here in our Resource Center. Questions about the study? Contact Sean McGuire.

Its that time of year again. MCAA is once again sponsoring the @JBKnowledge Construction Tech Survey. Just taking the survey provides some food for thought on budgeting, innovations and resources. Take the survey at: https://t.co/uRUWmbq8uy

One of the sessions we have scheduled for the 2020 Tech Conference talks about app dev, but this article focuses more on @redteamsoftware new product which involves and empowers more subcontractors. Always great to see wider integration.
via @constructdive

What happens when a contractor develops construction software

RedTeam's story has been 25 years in the making by an Orlando, Florida-based contractor who etched his company's needs into software due to a dearth ...


Been having some interesting discussions lately about how often a BIM model is used once construction is finished. What % of your models have a post life? Comment if you are able to turn it over to service division or as a service contractor, ask for it to maintain it.

This is a sneaky big moment for BIM design. Being able to quickly export/import @AutodeskRevit into @unity3d allows you to share your model to mobile platforms and opens the potential to being able to design in Unity as well.

Unity Reflect brings integration and real-time collaboration to Autodesk Revit - SPAR 3D

Unity Reflect will allow AEC professionals the ability to export BIM data from Autodesk’s Revit and use collaborative real-time 3D experiences o...


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