American Bar Association Publication Highlights Loss of Productivity Methodologies

August 24, 2020

The American Bar Association (ABA) published an in depth article by Paul Stynchcomb, CCM, PSP, CFCC, Professor William Ibbs, PhD and James Newland, Esquire in the Summer 2020 edition of The Construction Lawyer. The authors dissect recent Civilian Board of Contract Appeals cases in which three MCAA member firms received substantial compensation for losses in labor productivity using a variety of quantification methodologies, including the MCAA Factors, the MCAA overtime inefficiency tables and the measured mile method.

The article titled “Preparing and Presenting Loss of Labor Productivity Claims: Analysis of the Methodologies with Two Exemplars,” is the most recent in the quarterly publication, which contains some of the most pertinent articles on contracts, recent court decisions and construction law to be found anywhere in the industry. Some of the construction industry’s most acclaimed attorneys and experts publish articles that have a direct bearing on the construction industry.

In the current COVID-19 environment, many contractors are seeking recovery of loss of labor productivity and are looking for methods of productivity impact quantification specific to the effects of the pandemic. All of the well tested methods applied to the two exemplar cases described in the article are applicable to quantifying COVID-19 impacts. 

This ABA article, coupled with the MCAA’s series of informative webinars on quantifying losses in labor productivity, including those caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, provide a valuable training tool for MCAA member firms attempting to quantify and recover losses in labor productivity.

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