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Doing Business with a Customer in Bankruptcy

This bulletin can help you avoid legal and other pitfalls that may affect your business relationship with a customer that has or may file for bankruptcy. It covers bankruptcy basics—both Chapter 7 and Chapter 11—how claims are managed under each type of bankruptcy, court actions, debtor obligations, special protections available on construction projects should a general contractor or owner file for bankruptcy during a project and issues that could arise when a debtor obtains post-petition financing from lenders.

Benchmarking Data for Mechanical Contractors

MCAA’s new partnership with the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) makes benchmarking data relevant to mechanical contractors available to all MCAA members. Members can compare their business performance against industry averages for 20 key financial ratios
and data segmented by region, revenue, form of business and best in class.

Guide to Human Resources Policies

Designed to assist you in developing a human resources manual for your company, this publication reflects current trends and law on human resource management.

An Explanation of Certified Pipe Welding

This publication helps educate technicians and customers about ASME Code requirements for the proper installation and fabrication of welded piping systems in accordance with Welding Procedure Specifications.

Pre-Fabrication Operations Guide for Plumbing

Whether you’ve been thinking about making the jump into pre-fabrication or you want to ensure that your pre-fab processes are taking advantage of the latest technology and tooling, this guide can help. It introduces pre-fabrication and explains how changing your company’s culture to one that focuses on fabrication can yield benefits such as significantly reduced labor costs through productivity gains, reduced onsite installation timelines, increased quality and reliability of work and reduced waste.