Using Gaming Keyboard in BIM to Gain Productivity

March 22, 2018
At an idea sharing session at the 2017 MCAA Technology Conference, this simple idea was the winning solution. Some MCAA members are using inexpensive gaming keyboards to program shortcuts in BIM. In this video, Sean McGuire, MCAA's Director of Construction Technology interviews DeWalt's Josh Bone to learn more about this solution.

During the 2017 MCAA Technology Conference, a session was held title, 60 Ideas in 60 Minutes.  It allowed attendees to share some of their best solutions that could be used to improve productivity.

The winning solution was a contractor that was using a gaming keypad made by Logitech that allowed BIM technicians to pre-program sequences into keyboard.  This allowed the repetitive tasks to be performed with single button clicks, saving time and monotony with each action.

In the video, Sean McGuire, MCAA’s Director of Construction Technology talks with DeWalt’s Josh Bone about the practical applications and how much time can be saved using the solution.

Although the keyboard featured in this video is a Logitech keyboard, there are many options available that offer programmable features.

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