Time Is Running Out to Enhance Your Field Leaders’ Skills in 2018!

October 12, 2018

If you haven’t registered your team for the Field Leaders Conference, why wait? The conference will enhance your team’s skills and put them – and your company – on the road to greater success. Bring your team and join us November 7-9, 2018 in San Francisco, CA for this year’s final Field Leaders Conference. Your team members will leave infused with a new energy for the year ahead!

Take it from Rick Gopffarth, Vice President of Dynamic Systems, Inc. (DSI), who said, “Getting back to fundamentals and understanding that mechanical contracting is a ‘people’ business are the key takeaways” that he and the 10 DSI superintendents who attended the Houston Field Leaders Conference garnered.

His team also spoke highly of the program.

Eric White, DSI Piping Superintendent and a self-professed “kind of person who would rather have someone ‘get out of the way’ so I can do it myself,” found he needed to change his mindset and learn how to build a team, delegate and trust his crew to follow through. Inspired by Kevin Dougherty’s presentation, he has a new personal goal: getting his people to work with him, not for him.

First-time superintendent Luke Long found the session on the impact on profitability the most eye-opening. He learned that it’s his responsibility to dig into the job, review the specs and details and make certain everything is correct before turning the project over to his foremen. He appreciated the opportunity to attend the conference. He added that, building the skills of millennials like him, who want to work when they’re engaged in the project and involved in making decisions, is crucial to the future growth of the company.

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I’ve thanked the terrific MCAA staff. Now I want to thank all the terrific MCAA members (many of whom brought their families to Phoenix) for supporting MCAA by attending our convention. I sincerely hope everyone had a great time at #MCAA19.

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Have you ever wished your field leaders were more focused on results? Would you like them to help grow your company’s profits and brand? The Field Leaders Conference gives them the skills they need to make those wishes come true.…
Being a mechanical contractor in today’s market is as challenging as it has ever been. Technology and innovation are evolving at a rapid pace and it is imperative that we make every effort to assure all of our people are trained and educated to keep pace. This particularly holds true for your field personnel who are on the front lines daily. MCAA’s Field Leaders Conference will provide them with the training they need. …