Retainage and PDF Editing are Featured in New Management Methods Bulletins

May 23, 2017

Helping MCAA members manage projects and their costs more effectively is the aim of two new Management Methods Bulletins just published by MCAA’s Management Methods Committee — PDF Editing Utilization for the Mechanical Contractor and Managing Retainage — A Critical Component of Effective Cash Flow.  

The Advanced Leadership Institute’s (ALI) Team 5 created the .pdf editing bulletin as their project for Course 16. Although several software products are available to edit project documents in .pdf format (a list of products is provided), this bulletin focuses on Bluebeam, which is widely used in the construction industry. Effective use of the software as a project collaboration tool can save considerable costs in shipping, printing and labor hours spent on the planning process. The bulletin’s content covers: Document Editing and Mark-ups, File Editing and Search Functions, Projects and Sessions. Each section explains its basic functions and benefits to project management and collaboration.

Another critical component of project management is retainage fees. Traditionally, retainage has been a means of ensuring a job is completed through the punch list before the full fee is paid. More recently, however, retainage is being held through the warranty period, which creates cash flow issues for the contractor. This bulletin offers some advice and strategies to help contractors manage retainage effectively and avoid cash flow disruptions.

Download your free Management Methods bulletins — PDF Editing Utilization for the Mechanical Contractor and Managing Retainage — A Critical Component of Effective Cash Flow — a benefit of MCAA membership.

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