OSHA Delays Silica Rule Enforcement Date

May 9, 2017


OSHA recently delayed enforcement of its 2016 rule on respirable crystalline silica. The enforcement date has been changed from June 23, 2017 to September 23, 2017. Affected employers can comply by either following Table 1 of the rule, or by implementing the alternative exposure control methods that are established by the rule. (Note: This rule is under litigation by the Construction Industry Safety Coalition and other groups. The groups that are in opposition to the rule believe that OSHA did not meet its burden of prove with regard to the rule being technologically and economically feasible. It is unknown whether the litigation will be resolved prior to the newly established September 23 enforcement date. 

MCAA has several silica safety resources to help your company comply with the rule. They are available to you for free as a benefit of membership. The resources, which can be accessed here, are listed below.

  • Worker Safety Training Video on Silica
  • Accompanying Silica Safety Pocket Guide
  • 20-Question Multiple Choice Test and Answer Key
  • Worker Safety Training Documentation Sheet
  • Model Silica Exposure Control Plan
  • Silica Safety Guide
  • Silica Safety Bulletin
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