MSCA Sales Institute – Final Classes for 2021

April 15, 2021

Limited number of registrations still available.

Last March the world as we had known it changed forever. The pandemic impacted every facet of our lives from how we work, live, play, learn and gather. We had to create new ways of doing business and be creative in how we tackled each day. The role of the salesperson went from meeting clients, selling PM contracts and often prospecting door-to-door to life in a virtual world as a valued advisor and expert. Sales personnel were expected to help customers navigate through new safety concerns, new regulations, tenant anxieties and changing priorities as they dealt with both a health and economic crisis.

Even as the pandemic begins to ebb, the role of the salesperson will never be the same. Many new lessons have been learned. New proven best practices have been implemented. New sales opportunities are flourishing. The MSCA Sales Institute recognizes the impact the pandemic has had on the sales function and has updated all sales classes accordingly in order to better prepare sales teams for future success. NOW is the time to provide this relevant and important training to your sales employees to ensure their skills and abilities are focused, fine-tuned and far-sighted.

The following sales classes currently open for registration:

MSCA Sales Masters Program
Week 1: October 3–7, 2021, Chicago, IL
Week 2: November 7–12, 2021, Houston, TX

This two-week course is designed by MSCA in-the-field experts in partnership with sales specialists from the University of Houston, and is perfect for service sales employees who often find it difficult to get useful training for their level of expertise specific to the mechanical service industry. 


MSCA Sales Basecamp
October 11–12, 2021, Salt Lake City, UT

This two day, entry-level program for service sales personnel will prepare recent hires with all the relevant skills necessary to confidently sell HVACR/plumbing services while creating added value for the customer


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