MCERF Continues to Receive Generous Support From Contractors, Affiliates, and M/S Members

July 25, 2018

The Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation (MCERF) receives generous and heartfelt support from the spectrum of members and member types of the MCAA. Three recent contributions perfectly exemplify this wide-ranging support:

Arden Building Companies Logo
Arden Building Companies, LLC, Pawtucket, RI contributed $5,000, bringing their total to $10,000 and is following through on plans to become active contributor.

MCA Cleveland Logo
MCA of Cleveland, Inc., Cleveland, OH contributed $6,000 on their latest 5-year $30,000 pledge; their total to date is $136,000. Interestingly, the MCA of Cleveland is using two different funds to source its contribution, the Mechanical Contracting Industry Fund of Cleveland ($5,000) and the Cleveland Plumbing Industry Promotion & Education Fund ($1,000), so that many more people to thank!

Anvil International Logo
Anvil International, Exeter, NH contributed their fifth $10,000 installment on a 10-year $100,000 pledge. Since 1990, their total contributed to date is $1,163,240.

MCERF President, Mark Rogers in thanking these latest contributors noted that while they represent the different sectors of our great industry, “…they are exactly alike in their recognition and appreciation of the value that MCERF provides directly back into the industry and that to get that value into the future, we all need to support our Foundation!”

There are many other MCAA members who have contributed to MCERF not only this year, but for many years…even decades! Over the coming weeks we will be giving them the attribution and public thanks they deserve as well. When you read these announcements, please let these incredibly involved and caring companies, associations, and individuals…these who support your industry’s non-profit education and research foundation so generously and consistently…know that you, in turn, support them for what they do!

MCERF is MCAA’s 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable entity. The Foundation supports a broad range of industry education and research efforts designed to improve the education, placement, and retention of human resources for the industry and the identification and implementation of cutting edge research to improve the business practices of mechanical contracting industry. Contributions to MCERF are tax-deductible under IRS guidelines.

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