MCAA’s WiMI Mentor/Mentee Program Introduces Cynthia and Krista!

October 14, 2020

The ever-enthusiastic Cynthia Djongoue Kamga, has been a Project Manager with The BP Group in New York, NY for the past seven years. Her years in the HVACR industry have created a drive to continually excel and learn  so she can grow beyond her tasks at hand. After learning of the WiMI Mentor/Mentee Program after the WiMI Conference when there was a Mentor/Mentee program created, she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have someone guide her when she felt “stuck in a bubble” on the way she viewed her responsibilities and how to grow professionally.

Although active in her own projects, Krista Ebbens, also seven years in the industry, was very happy to connect with Cynthia as her mentor to assist, advise and share best practices. Krista is the Executive Vice President of Human Resources and General Counsel with J. F. Ahern Co. in Milwaukee, WI. She wears many hats but has such a welcoming personality and genuine desire to pause and help when needed.

Cynthia and Krista connect so well that it was easy to understand why they are great role models of the WiMI Mentor/Mentee Program. Although COVID created a set-back in their plans to connect they have already set a future date to meet virtually.

Cynthia entered the program looking for pointers on how to redirect her thoughts and take action steps  regarding her own tasks and career. In helping Cynthia, Krista reminded her that you can’t “settle in a routine in your environment without analyzing situations and thinking outside of the box.”  She also advised Cynthia to put together action steps on   specific goals and to move forward with it. “It’s empowering to get outside of a task or routine to grow, both personally and professionally.  You just have to make sure to schedule the time to do it,” Cynthia reiterated.

They both made a great point in stating that “although we work in the same construction business, there are big regional differences and it’s interesting to hear about the experiences in New York vs. Wisconsin. Construction in New York City is very different and experiences seem to happening there  before it becomes  a thing in the mid-west, so it creates a great learning experience ”. This is especially relevant to the current pandemic.

Krista and Cynthia both encourage folks that haven’t attended a WiMI event to do so.  They mentioned that the educational programs are top notch and relevant while the networking provides a fantastic and unique opportunity. Such events provide the opportunity for mentees to talk with other mentees, for mentors to share ideas and new connections to be made.  They agreed that through sharing best practices, they have found that old dogs can teach new tricks and that there is always something to share between people.

Krista, the first female Management Committee member and female shareholder in the company, leaves us with these powerful words; “Always make sure you take time for personal career development, especially in a deadline driven industry.  It’s important to make sure you carve out time to educate, network, and manage because every investment you make in yourself will pay off with personal development in your professional career.”

For more information visit the Women in the Mechanical Industry Initiative Page.

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