MCAA’s Field Leaders Conference Celebrates 2022 Successes & Looks Ahead to 2023

November 17, 2022

MCAA’s Field Leaders Conference is proving to make a lasting impression on those who attend based on the overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Three Field Leaders Conferences were held this year, bringing a total of 474 field personnel through the program in Rochester, NY (May), Indianapolis, IN (October) and Kansas City, MO (November). Read on to hear from those attendees, and find out where and when our 2023 conferences are planned, then watch for registration information in the next month.

For those who may not be familiar with the event, MCAA’s Field Leaders Conference gives field leaders at all levels the skills, understanding, and inspiration to positively impact a company’s bottom line. This is an investment that will pay off throughout their careers.

People Are Talking About the Conference Content

“My whole life I’ve been thrown into leadership roles that I never wanted or understood why I was the guy. Now I do and from this day forward I will work to be the best leader I can for my family, coworkers, and friends. Thank you again.”

– Indianapolis, October 2022

“A priceless experience that absolutely exceeded expectations.”

– Indianapolis, October 2022

“Each and every speaker was unique and charismatic. The energy was amazing. The information presented was raw and definitely made me take a deep look at the way I want to interact with my team and the way I want to lead. Many thanks to the MCAA and all of the speakers for sharing your time, experiences and wisdom with us to grow us into the leaders of today and help us to motivate the leaders of tomorrow.”

– Rochester, May 2022

“Thank you to all the speakers for putting on an amazing and life changing conference that I will absolutely be taking the information that was given to me and applying it every day I am at work and also at home. I will use what I was taught to not only make me a better foreman, but a better husband, friend and person.”

– Kansas City, October 2022

“I am very grateful my company invested in me by sending me to the MCAA Field Leaders Conference. I hope to be a positive ripple in this industry with the lessons I’ve learned from this conference. Much appreciated.”

– Kansas City, October 2022

“I wish I would have been able to attend this conference 10 years ago. I will be recommending to my company that all foreman and future foreman attend this.”

– Kansas City, October 2022

“Everyone that presented was outstanding. The insight that these gentlemen brought was on point. I’ve been in this industry for 26 years and I learned so much from them.”

– Kansas City, October 2022

“My flaws came to light and I was given the tools to fix them moving forward. Thank you.”

– Kansas City, October 2022

Thank You to Everyone Who Made Our 2022 Programs a Success

Thank you to all of our conference speakers and exhibitors for your passionate participation in our 2022 programs. Thank you to Nickolas Optis and the Mechanical Contractors Association of Rochester, Chris Quinn and the Mechanical Contractors Association of Indiana, and Bob Looman and the Mechanical Contractors Association of Kansas City for supporting these conferences in your local areas.

Plan Now to Send Your Team to MCAA’s 2023 Field Leaders Conference

MCAA will be holding four Field Leaders Conferences in 2023:

  • April 3-5 – Scottsdale, AZ
  • May 17-19- Chicago, IL
  • August 2-4 – San Francisco, CA
  • October 11-13- Des Moines, IA

Registration for all four conferences will open next month. Watch for registration information.

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