MCAA/MSCA Release Fleet Safety Training Video for Mechanical Service and Construction Supervisors

July 27, 2018

MCAA/MSCA recently released its new supervisor safety training video, Fleet Safety for Mechanical Service and Construction Supervisors. Fleet safety is getting a lot of attention because motor vehicle fatalities, which are the leading cause of deaths in America, continue to increase each year. Most vehicle accidents are caused by unsafe driving behavior, substance abuse, insufficient driver training, or inadequate vehicle condition/maintenance.

This new video will help your supervisors understand:

  • How to properly screen their drivers
  • The components of effective driver training
  • How to monitor driver behavior and
  • How to ensure proper inspection and maintenance of the company’s fleet

Download or play the video

Want More Safety Resources?

MCAA has you covered, with a full range of resources to help you protect your workers from injury and comply with applicable safety regulations. Here’s where to find them:

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