MCAA Congratulates Our 2022 Preparatory Institute for Project Management Graduates

August 26, 2022

The last lecture is over, the last homework assignment submitted, the last quiz completed. So, congratulations are in order for this year’s Pre-IPM graduates! Classes 15-20 of MCAA’s newest national education program have just completed their 12 weeks of online introductory project management training. How did it go? Well, here’s what our recent grads had to say:

Was it useful?

“Every class addressed things that affect me on a daily basis as a mechanical contractor PM.”

“I learned so much and can’t wait to continue to apply what I learned.”

“This was a very helpful class that provided a great foundation to my career as a future Project Manager. Thank you!”

What did you think of your instructors?

“Every speaker was outstanding.”

“Truly great instructors. I felt that everyone was so knowledgeable and had great experience but was also really skilled in communicating their information.”

“The best part of this program was how knowledgeable and personable all of the instructors were. It was obvious that they all have years of project management experience, and they did a great job of teaching the class using their own real-life experiences.”

How did you feel about the online experience?

“The class being on Zoom makes it very accessible to everyone.”

“I really liked the interaction with the class. I felt like if I might get called on to answer a question, I better be paying attention.”

“Super interactive… It was easy to stay focused and the class was never boring.”

How were the assignments?

“I really liked all the speakers, but my favorite was homework assignments because it forced you to discuss things with upper management. When talking with upper management you usually don’t discuss topics like this, and it was nice to hear what they had to say.”

How about an example of ‘Return on Investment’ for your tuition?

“The Change Orders class [alone] helped me save $35K on my project.”

Lastly… did you have fun?

“At the beginning of the course it felt like something I had to do [but it] turned into a fun time I looked forward to every week. I am very sad class is over, but I look forward to hopefully seeing [the instructors] again.”

“This class was fun and easy to stay engaged with. I appreciate how [the instructors] came to class each week with enthusiasm and good attitudes.”

“The energy of the teaching… really kept me engaged with the split of humor and seriousness.”

“Lectures would have me looking forward to Mondays!”

That about sums it up! We truly enjoyed spending this summer with the 450 Pre-IPM students of 2022 and look forward to doing it again next year. If you have APMs, PEs, new hires, recent college grads, or anyone else transitioning into a project management role – mark your calendars: registration for the 2023 courses will open at noon EST on February 16, 2023. Visit the Pre-IPM webpage for more details!

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