Genie Lifts Safety Notice (Immediate Action Required)

February 5, 2020

Genie has been notified of three instances where the bottom turntable rotation bearing bolts in specified machines have come loose causing the separation of the turntable from the chassis. Separation of the turntable from the chassis can result in a machine tip-over or other structural failure.  Use of all affected machines must be stopped immediately until appropriate corrective action is completed. Affected models and serial ranges are:

Machines with a year of manufacture 2019 up to the release date of this notice:

Model                                     Serial Range
S-65                                          S60H-39903 to 40455

S-60XC & S-65XC                 S60XCH-45009 to 46426

S-60XC & S-65XC                 S65XCH-45007 to 46425

S-60X                                       S60XH-39397 to 40454

Machines with a year of manufacture between 2015 and 2018:

Model                                    Serial Range 
S-65                                           S6015H-35001 to 35031

S-65                                           S6016H-35032 to 36172

S-65                                           S60H-36400 to 40438

S-60 TRAX & S-65 TRAX     S60TX16H-35555 to 36014

S-60 TRAX & S-65 TRAX     S60TXH-36581 to 40150

S-60 TRAX & S-65 TRAX     S60TX16H-35463 to 36161

S-60 TRAX & S-65 TRAX     S60TXH-36437 to 40198

S-60 TRAX & S-65 TRAX     S65TXH-40225 to 40225

S-60X                                        S60X16H-35034 to 36171

S-60X                                        S60XH-36401 to 40456

S-60XC & S-65XC                  S60XC16H-35119 to 36114

S-60XC & S-65XC                  S60XCH-36472 to 45011

S-60XC & S-65XC                  S65XCH-45001 to 45010


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