ALI Course 17 Graduates 33 – ALI Course 18 Applications Available

November 22, 2017

NOTE: The dates for the next Advanced Leadership Institute, which will be ALI Course 18, are September 23-27 and November 4-9, 2018. For an application, contact MCAA’s Dennis Langley.

The 33 graduates of MCAA’s Advanced Leadership Institute (ALI) Course 17 reflect the culmination of 16 years of intense ALI program design, attendee evaluation/selection, and precise execution by MCAA’s partner, Babson Executive Education. It was, according to Keith Rollag, Babson’s ALI Faculty Director, “…a program where the faculty, the curriculum, and most of all, the goals and chemistries of the attendees, just all seemed in sync. It was remarkable!”

This incredibly cohesive group also attacked their final team projects, developing new or updating existing Management Methods Manual topics with the same energy, intelligence and humor they applied to everything else in Course 17.

The six projects the teams undertook were:

Team 1   “Video Conferencing”

Team 2   “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – Are They Needed in Your Business?”

Team 3   “Value Engineering”

Team 4   “Retention of Professional Staff”

Team 5   “Fleet Maintenance – Effective Prevention to Keep Your Vehicles Running & Your Team Working”

Team 6   “Construction Contract for Cost of Work Plus a Fee”

In 2015 (Course 15), MCAA’s ALI Committee decided to challenge this once-a-year assembly of some of the sharpest minds in our industry to use their final class projects to bolster and improve our industry’s preeminent body of knowledge, MCAA’s Management Methods Manual. The results continue to get better as MCAA better defines the project goals and as attendees learn more by standing on the shoulders who have graduated before them.

MCAA’s Management Methods Committee will review each topic and will decide which get added immediately to the Manual and which may need a bit more development. Those accepted will make it into the next update of the Management Methods Manual.

The dates for the next Advanced Leadership Institute, which will be ALI Course 18, are September 23-27 and November 4-9, 2018. For an application, contact MCAA’s Dennis Langley.


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