2021-2022 Educator of the Year – Jacob Nelson, Missouri State University

March 25, 2022

The student chapter at Missouri State University proudly nominated Jacob Nelson for the MCAA 2021 Educator of the Year based on his mentoring, mechanical industry knowledge, chapter activity participation, and involvement and creation of student-focused networking opportunities with their local MCAA Chapter, MCA of Greater Springfield, Missouri.

Chapter Participation

Jacob Nelson constantly encourages participation from their chapter’s student membership. He always attends meetings himself, makes time for all of the members, and directs the students down a path that leads to success. Student Chapter President, Nathan Bextermueller, recalls, “There was one meeting he had to miss for one reason or another, but he still was able to make himself available through a virtual meeting for any questions we had for him.”


Jacob Nelson teaches multiple mechanical construction classes at Missouri State University. He assists the chapter by identifying students on campus that he believes have a high potential to make an impact within their organization. He’s always open to communicating with students about the benefits of the organization. His connection with students is an essential part of their successful recruitment strategy.


Jacob is able to connect the chapter to contractors in a variety of ways. There have been multiple instances he has utilized video calls and in-person meetings this past year to make those connections. Nathan also mentions, “When we have a question or have a desire to learn something, he always knows a professional who he can connect us to for help. More times than not, we will be connected to a local mechanical contractor to give us real world solutions when the option is available.”

Thank you to Jacob Nelson for serving as an advisor, educator, and mentor to students interested in pursing a career in mechanical contracting!

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