Resource Highlight: NCPWB’s Tools to Reduce the Cost and Risk Associated with Welding and Brazing

June 25, 2021

Each week, MCAA will highlight one or more of the educational resources that are free to MCAA members as a benefit of membership. This week, we focus on Tools to Reduce the Cost and Risk Associated with Welding and Brazing. This resource highlights the many ways that the National Certified Pipe Welding Bureau (NCPWB) keeps contractors informed about welding and brazing technology, and simplifies welding and brazing qualification practices.

You will learn how the NCPWB can help your company:

  • Save time by using qualified welding and brazing procedures
  • Lower your cost of qualifying welding and brazing procedures
  • Reduce your risk of noncompliance
  • Access qualified welders nationwide
  • Access technical experts in welding and brazing
  • Access local and national educational programs

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