New Internship Grant Process for 2023

December 27, 2022

MCAA wants to hear about all of your mechanical contracting interns and has revised the internship grant application process to ensure program success is being rewarded and celebrated.

Part 1: MCAA members with one intern are eligible for a $1,000 grant. Companies with two or more interns may receive a $2,000 grant. One form should be filled out for each intern.  

Part 2: For companies successfully converting an intern (from their part 1 list) to a full-time new hire, a $500 gift card will be mailed to the company to present to their new hire. These new hire conversations are now unlimited, but the name of the new hire must be included on a part 1 list from an MCAA member company to be eligible. 

Applications will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis and may be submitted once per calendar year, per intern.

Congratulations to the 88 MCAA member companies that were awarded 2022 Internship Grants!

Having MCAA interns working at member companies is a win-win for the mechanical contracting industry.  Employers get top talent and build a pipeline of future employees.  Students gain experience create connections, develop skills and further their interest in mechanical contracting.  

2022 Internship Grant Recipients

  • 1901 Mechanical & Plumbing
  • AMS Mechanical Systems, Inc.
  • ARC Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
  • Arden Engineering Constructors, LLC
  • Arista Air Conditioning Corporation
  • Associated Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
  • Atomatic Mechanical Services, Inc.
  • Auburn Mechanical, Inc.
  • August Winter & Sons, Inc.
  • Autumn Construction Services, Inc.
  • Baker Group
  • Bassett Mechanical
  • Batchelor & Kimball, Inc.
  • B.G. Brecke, Inc.
  • Boland Trane Services, Inc.
  • BPI Mechanical Service, Inc.
  • Brewer-Garrett Company
  • Broadway Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
  • C & R Mechanical Company
  • CFI Mechanical, Inc.
  • Corporate Mechanical of New England, LLC
  • CT Mechanical
  • D V Brown & Associates, Inc.
  • D.V. Brown & Associates, Inc.
  • DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.
  • EMCOR Services Fagan
  • EMCOR Services Mesa Engergy Systems, Inc.
  • EMCOR Services Northeast, Inc. CommAir/BALCO
  • FE Moran, Inc.
  • Gartner Refrigeration
  • Gilbert Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
  • Goshen Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
  • Greiner Brothers, Inc.
  • Harrell-Fish, Inc.
  • HL Moe Company, Inc.
  • Holmberg Mechanical
  • HT Lyons, Inc.
  • Hurst Mechanical
  • John E. Green Company
  • John W. Danforth Company
  • Landry Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
  • Limbach Company LLC
  • M & M Welding & Fabricators, Inc.
  • M.J. Daly LLC
  • Martin Petersen Company, Inc.
  • Maxair, Inc.
  • McCauley Mechanical Construction, Inc.
  • MMC Contractors
  • Modern Controls, Inc.
  • Modern Piping, Inc.
  • New England Sheet Metal and Mechanical Co.
  • North Mechanical Contracting, Inc.
  • NV Heathorn, Inc.
  • Oahu Plumbing & Sheet Metal, Ltd.
  • P1 Group, Inc.
  • Peck, Hannaford & Briggs Company
  • PJ Dionne Company, Inc.
  • PM Contracting, Inc.
  • Poole and Kent Corporation
  • Premier Mechanical, Inc.
  • Pribuss Engineering, Inc.
  • Progressive Mechanical, Inc.
  • Quackenbush Co. Inc.
  • Ray Martin Company of Omaha
  • Roberts Environmental Control Corporation
  • Ryan & Associates, Inc.
  • Scobell Company, Inc.
  • Shambaugh & Son
  • Shank Constructors, Inc.
  • Smith-Boughan, Inc.
  • Southland Industries
  • Speer Mechanical
  • Springfield Engineering Company
  • Strategic Mechanical, Inc.
  • Streimer Sheet Metal Works
  • The Hill Group
  • The Waldinger Corporation
  • The Waldinger Corporation – Omaha
  • Thomas J. Dyer Company
  • Tweet/Garot Mechanical, Inc.
  • U S Engineering Company – Colorado
  • University Mechanical & Engineering Contractors
  • University Mechanical Contractors
  • Way Engineering
  • Weitz Industrial, LLC
  • Westside Mechanical, Inc.
  • William T. Spaeder Company, Inc.
  • Xcel Mechanical Systems, Inc.

Be on the lookout for the new Intern Wall to highlight the 2022 Internship Grant recipients at MCAA23 in Phoenix! 

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