Category: Construction Technology Inititiative

2018 MCAA-Focused Construction Technology Report

MCAA sponsored the 2018 Construction Technology Report, produced by MCAA’s Technology partner, JBKnowledge. As part of our sponsorship, MCAA published an MCAA-Focused report that segments out responses given by MCAA members and compares them to the rest of the construction industry. With this new report, MCAA members can not only see how their companies compare to other MCAA members, but how our membership compares to the industry at large.

MCAA Safety Apps Report

This fifth report in the Construction Technology Research Series was written by JBKLabs exclusively for MCAA. The JBKnowledge team evaluated the numerous applications on the market for safety professionals and foremen. While most are geared towards documentation, there is a growing trend to use the data that is documented and apply analytics to identify root causes and trends. Predictive analytics, which analyze historical data, current projects, and weather can be used to predict higher chances of incidents happening. Both can be extremely powerful tools to help prevent accidents from occurring.

MCAA Safety Apps Webinar

This webinar offers additional insights into the MCAA Safety Apps research report written by JBKLabs exclusively for MCAA.

Construction Technology Report – 3D Scanning Webinar with James Benham

In 2016, the MCAA partnered with JBK Labs to release a multi-part research series on construction technology. Each part can be used by contractors to help evaluate and compare specific products and software in order to help determine how beneficial they could be to their operations. In the first release of the series, 3D Scanning Technology was explored.

James Benham, founder of JB Knowledge and their research wing, JBK Labs, presents findings from the study in this webinar. He explores and compares the differences in products, software and processes that contractors will see when they begin to utilize 3D scanning technology. He also takes a look at some solutions that are not quite ready yet to show what the future of 3D scanning technology might look like

Recorded on April 7, 2016.