New Agreement Can Enhance Your Recruiting Efforts

August 26, 2019

Last week, representatives from the United Association and HVAC Excellence signed a new articulation agreement which can provide substantial benefits in your recruiting efforts. This  new articulation agreement establishes a pathway for students enrolled in HVACR educational programs accredited by HVAC Excellence to advanced placement in a UA apprenticeship program.

When you are in need of qualified or entry-level service technicians it is often difficult to know where to look. Local technical training schools can be a great resource for discovering potential entry-level employees. Many technical training schools have HVAC degree programs which provide students with basic courses in mechanical systems, electricity, blueprint reading, refrigeration, etc., in both classroom and field settings.  In addition students often learn basic customer service and business skills – such as the importance of showing up on time and presenting themselves in a clean respectable manner.  Probably the single greatest benefit for considering these students is that they want to be in our industry and have an understanding of the industry.  They have already made an investment of time and money, often spending thousands of dollars to enroll in these schools and have demonstrated a commitment to our industry. It will be well worth your time to get involved with these schools.

HVAC Excellence programmatic accreditation of technical training schools provides independent third-party review of HVACR educational programs to ensure they meet established standards of excellence for such programs.  Such standards are designed to assure that our future workforce receives the quality of training required to provide the skills necessary for success in the HVACR industry.  A list of accredited HVAC Excellence accredited schools can be found here:

Since MSCA members offer some of the most sought-after jobs in the industry it is advantageous for you to get involved with these HVAC Excellence accredited schools in your area.  These technical training schools are always looking for business partners to mentor students, serve on advisory boards and participant in classroom programs.  A primary goal of the school is to place these students in jobs once they graduate. By getting involved and building a relationship with the program, you will have a great advantage in recruiting the top students.   And now, with this new articulation agreement in place, working for an MSCA member contractor should be even more attractive to these students as the credits earned while in school may now count towards the time required to complete the United Association’s apprenticeship training program.

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