MSCA CONNECT 2017 – It’s Possible to Hug Your Haters!

August 2, 2017

Jay Baer at MSCA CONNECT 2017 – It’s Possible to Hug Your Haters!

Take a sneak peek at Jay’s video to you above.

Jay Baer, author of Hug Your Haters, the world’s first modern customer service manual, shows how companies large and small can benefit from the enormous increase in online complaints and customer feedback. If it feels like there are more complaints than ever, and that you’re spending more time and money dealing with negativity and backlash, you’re right. But the rise of customer complaints is actually an enormous opportunity. In this eye-opening presentation, Jay reveals brand-new, proprietary research into The Science of Complaints – why and where your customers complain, how to embrace your complainers and turn impossible, negative situations into positive, possible solutions. Jay has spent 23 years in digital marketing and customer experience, consulting for more than 700 companies during that period, including 32 of the FORTUNE 500.

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