MSCA CONNECT 2017 Opens with “The Possible!”

May 16, 2017
Using psychology and illusion to make others see and think differently is Vinh Giang’s mission in business and life. He has devoted himself to understanding the ways in which we are fooled by illusions and by the tricks we play on ourselves. Hearing Vinh will open your mind to new possibilities, as he takes you on an unforgettable journey through stories, remarkable insights into human psychology, business and the wonderful art of illusion. Vinh is one of several guests highlighting this year’s conference program.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover the connections that will take you and your team to reach “The Possible” and to a higher level of success. You must be registered for MSCA 2017 to attend this event, so sign-up today using the button below.

MSCA 2017 Conference Website

A Sneak Peek at Vinh’s Session Below:

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