MSCA CONNECT 2017 Education Conference Spotlight

July 26, 2017
Julie Williamson – MSCA CONNECT 2017

Bringing The Possible to Life: Influencing Decisions Across Your Business 

Julie Williamson, Vice President of Strategy & Research for Karrikins Group (founded by Peter Sheahan, a popular presenter at MSCA conferences) has worked nationally and internationally with companies both large and small, helping them execute a strategy for transformation.

Have you ever found yourself frustrated by people not getting aligned behind an investment or a strategic direction you want to make for your business? Perhaps you have a modern technology to implement, but people continue to find ways to use the old system. You need to get people to make different decisions about their everyday behaviors – how they show up, and what they do to deliver on your organizational commitments. That means you need to disrupt the ‘same old / same old’ thinking that drives most of their decisions, and you need to create new responses that are better aligned with your business goals.

In Julie’s engaging and energizing Education Session, she will dive into the 5 Drivers of decision making and how you as a leader can use them to drive your strategy forward bringing “The Possible” to your business.

Take a peek at Julie’s message below:

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