Get Profitable Results and Improve Performance with MSCA’s Sales Basecamp!

February 8, 2018

Have you recently added new sales staff to your team? Could your current sales team members benefit from taking a refresher course? If your answer is “Yes”, register them now for MSCA’s Sales Basecamp, May 7 – 8 to be held in Chicago, IL.

Registration is now open! Class size is limited and fills up fast so don’t miss out!

This is the last MSCA Sales Basecamp course for 2018! This popular, in-demand two day program will provide your sales team member with the skills needed to build long-term customer relationships, efficiently and effectively prospect for results, understand the MSCA Sales Cycle, prepare for that first critical meeting and handle objections professionally during the proposal presentation.

Click below for details or to register your sales team members.

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