Webinar #23: The Importance of Obtaining the Prime Contractor’s Native CPM Scheduling Files


July 7, 2020


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT



The Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule is an essential management tool for all construction team members when it comes to completing an on-time and financially successful project. John Koontz will discuss how, even in the absence of receiving access to the master schedule, a contractor can provide notice and quantify delay impacts, so as not to waive important contractual rights. Providing notice and quantifying delay are just some of the issues that make obtaining the prime contractor’s native CPM scheduling files so importantIs it always easy? Or even possible? Maybe not… but John Koontz will discuss best practices for how to get the GC’s CPM schedule, and even what to do if you can’t. As an added bonus, John will be joined by the author of MCAA’s 2020 Change Order Productivity Primer, Paul Stynchcomb, to discuss the relationship between the Prime’s CPM Schedule and impact quantification on your end, along with important concepts relating to CPM schedule review.

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