Online Piping & Usage Specification (OPUS)

What is OPUS?

OPUS is an acronym for the Online Piping & Usage Specification, a valuable industry resource developed by the John R. Gentille Foundation (JRGF). This online resource allows the user to make dynamic combinations of pipe types, materials, applications and joining methods and includes links to the companies that provide those materials. A task group of contractors and Manufacturer/Supplier Council members from the Mechanical Contractors Association of America, Inc. (MCAA) helped develop OPUS, which is geared toward those who are new to the industry.

What is the OPUS Button?

The OPUS button is a visual marketing tool that will enable you to show your company’s support of the Online Piping & Usage Specification (OPUS), a valuable industry resource developed by the John R. Gentille Foundation (JRGF).

Why should I use the OPUS Button?

By using the OPUS Button, you show your company’s support of a key industry education resource that forward-looking companies like yours helped develop. Let the industry know that you take pride in your work and your industry by posting the OPUS Button on your company’s website and using it along with articles in your newsletters or in your social media efforts.

How do I go about using the OPUS Button?

Using the OPUS Button is easy. Here’s how:

1) Select the version of the OPUS Button that will best meet your needs. Two versions are provided:

Screen Version – Perfect for screen-based uses like websites.

SizeImageHTML Code
Small (88×31)<a href=”
” border=”0″ /></a>
Medium (120×60)<a href=”
” border=”0″ /></a>
Large (120×90)<a href=”
” border=”0″ /></a>

Print Version – Sufficient for printed pieces.

2) If you plan to use the OPUS Button for a website or other screen-based use, add a link to

Who is the John R. Gentille Foundation?

The John R. Gentille Foundation (JRGF) is the independent foundation of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America, Inc. (MCAA). JRGF has carried out research and published results on a number of important industry issues, including green mechanical construction. And, through its Funding Educational Excellence program, JRGF provides material support for student internship grants, emerging student chapter grants, and student chapter of excellence grants—a real investment in the future of the industry.

Who should I contact for more information about OPUS or JRGF?

For additional information, or to request background materials for an article, please fill out our contact form or call 301-869-5800.