MCAA GreatFutures Forum Helps Jump Start Student Chapter Member’s Career

January 29, 2020

MCAA congratulates Thomas Walsh for accepting a full-time position with U.S. Engineering Innovations. Thomas is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. He was a presenter in the MCAA19 Student Chapter Competition Final Four in Phoenix, Arizona where he also received the Reilly Family Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by the John W. Danforth Company.

Thomas reflects on how his experiences with MCAA, the MCA of Eastern Missouri and his student chapter helped him find his great future in the mechanical industry:

My experience with the MCAA student chapter was instrumental in helping me find full-time employment in mechanical contracting. I first met U.S. Engineering at the 2018 MCAA Great Futures Forum in Anaheim with the Missouri-Columbia student chapter where I applied for an internship. During interviews for this internship, I was able to speak at great length about my involvement in the MCAA student chapter and the annual competition. The interviewees were very impressed with my work on the competition and how easily it translated to the work they do every day as mechanical contractors.

I had the opportunity to present part of Mizzou’s competition proposal on stage at MCAA19 in Phoenix which played a big role in helping me become a better public speaker and presenter.

My internship with U.S. Engineering was amazing. I primarily worked alongside Preconstruction Managers and Project Managers. One of the larger responsibilities I had was to put together a full mechanical bid from design documents for a potential project. I was also responsible for acquiring and reviewing quotes from vendors for large mechanical equipment. I shadowed project controls to learn more about scheduling and real estate to learn more about renovations. My internship with U.S. Engineering was primarily so rewarding, because I was able to pursue parts of contracting that I found interesting.

Because my internship was so rewarding, I accepted a full-time opportunity with U.S. Engineering Innovations. I will be returning to work with the same team that I interned alongside. At my full-time position, I will work as a Preconstruction Engineer creating bids and proposals, estimating change orders, and assisting in scheduling. I will also work as a project engineer to assist in logistics, procurement and quality control of our ongoing projects. I will have the opportunity to travel to some of our sites and assist in and experience construction in the field.

You can meet student chapter members like Thomas at MCAA2020. Don’t miss the Networking & Recruiting 360 event Wednesday, March 18, 9:00 am – 11:00 am. MCAA thanks Viega for sponsoring the event.

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