Technology Initiative

Miss the 2019 MCAA Tech Conference?  Take a Look at What Happened

The 2019 MCAA Tech Conference featured

  • 20 Education Sessions
  • 250 MCAA Members
  • Case Studies of the Latest Innovations in our Industry

Small Ideas - Big Differences

At the previous MCAA Tech Conference, a popular session called 60 Ideas in 60 Minutes allowed members to share some of their best ideas to improve their processes.  The winning idea was the use of a Logitech G13 Programmable Gaming Mouse that allowed for multiple configurations and hot keys to be pre-programmed.  By configuring the hot keys for the specific program, BIM technicians are able to cut down on the number of clicks and the time for each step of the design.

In this video, Sean McGuire, MCAA's Director of Construction Technology is joined by Josh Bone, Dewalt's BIM/VDC Specialist to demonstrate how it can be used and how much time can be saved.

While this product is no longer sold, new recommendations by Max Keyboards were made at the 2019 Tech Conference that also include custom key icons.

What's New

Murray Company in Los Angeles, California opened its doors to over 225 contractors to learn fabrication, process and digital integration.  

The newly released MCAA-Focused Construction Technology Report produced by JBKnowledge reveals that MCAA members are advanced in BIM and other technology solutions but are underspending on research and development compared to the rest of the construction industry.

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) teams need high-powered digital work horses. While expensive, they are a necessary cost of doing business for any contractor that is working with BIM software. Managers without a computer science degree have a hard time making educated decisions when it comes to spending, but MCAA’s new BIM Workstation Report provides recommendations to help you save money and increase the productivity of your VDC department.

Approximately 250 MCAA members were able to take home lessons from world class speakers and industry leaders on the tools, techniques and technology that can upgrade their operations.

Technology Conference

Did you miss our 2019 Technology Conference in Tampa? Check out this quick video recap of the highlights. If you have any questions, contact our very own MCAA Geek, otherwise known as our Director of Construction Technology, Sean McGuire.

Construction Technology Conference
Save the Date!
You won’t want to miss the next Technology Conference, already scheduled for January 29-31, 2020 in San Diego, California. Put it on your calendar because we guarantee this will be the best yet.
Construction Technology at Student Summit
Technology is on the agenda at...

MCAA’s GreatFutures Forum… Where Students and Contractors Come Together - September 19 - 21 in Washington DC. We hope to see you there!

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Our Technology Initiative

We’re in a time when disruptive change has come to our industry – change that creates new markets and new value propositions, but also disrupts our existing way of doing business.

We have the option of looking at this change in one of two ways. We can consider it to be disruptive stress, or we can look at it as “disruptive opportunity.”

We have the opportunity to seek out new ways to improve productivity. The opportunity to look for new ways of getting the job done better and faster. And the opportunity to seek out new technologies that simply do things we never thought were possible.

Ignoring change is simply not the best option if we want our companies to continue to be as successful as they can be.

That’s why MCAA created the Technology Initiative. With your association's help our members can understand the challenges of technological change and exploit the opportunities it creates. For more information, contact Sean McGuire.