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In Episode Six, we explore:

  • A Preview of the 2017 MCAA Technology Conference.
  • An Interview with White Hat Hacker, Nick Espinosa.
  • A recap of the MCAA Sponsored ConTech Roadshow in Chicago.

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In Episode Five, we explore:

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What's New

The role of a construction technologist has been emerging for MCAA contractors around the country as they try to incorporate new tools into their operations. To be effective, they often have to take tools not meant for our specific part of the industry and either modify (hack) them or find more artful ways to expand the purpose of the tools they currently use.

Satisfied with Your ERP Software? We Need to Understand What Makes the Difference.

This Fall, the MCAA Technology Committee will release a new research report on enterprise resource planning software. We want to take it further though and get member input on their ERP experience. Please take a few minutes to take the MCAA ERP Survey and tell us how you feel about your software and what you would like change about it.

Can Simply Taking a Survey Improve Your Business?

MCAA is once again sponsoring the annual JBKnowledge Technology Survey. Although the survey only takes a few minutes to complete, the questions that it asks will make you consider the choices that your company makes regarding technology and the direction that you are heading.

Whenever a new process, tool or technology is introduced to a company, there is always concern about how it will be used by the people in the field every day. At the Indianapolis Field Leaders Conference, UA Director of Training Chris Haslinger made a presentation about construction technology. His presentation included a survey which yielded some very interesting results from the end users directly.

Technology Conference

Did you miss our 2016 Technology Conference in Indianapolis? Check out this quick video recap of the highlights. If you have any questions, contact our very own MCAA Geek, otherwise known as our Director of Construction Technology, Sean McGuire.

Construction Technology Benham Speaking
Save the Date!

You won’t want to miss the 4th Annual Technology Conference, already scheduled for January 28 - February 1, 2019 in Tampa, Florida. Put it on your calendar because we guarantee this will be the best yet.

Construction Technology at Student Summit
Technology is on the agenda at...

MCAA’s GreatFutures Forum… Where Students and Contractors Come Together - September 27 - September 29, 2018 in Anaheim, CA. We hope to see you there!

Follow @MCAAGeek
Director of Construction Technology Sean McGuire is your @MCAAGeek, so follow him on Twitter to keep up with what’s on his radar screen day in and day out.

Our Technology Initiative

We’re in a time when disruptive change has come to our industry – change that creates new markets and new value propositions, but also disrupts our existing way of doing business.

We have the option of looking at this change in one of two ways. We can consider it to be disruptive stress, or we can look at it as “disruptive opportunity.”

We have the opportunity to seek out new ways to improve productivity. The opportunity to look for new ways of getting the job done better and faster. And the opportunity to seek out new technologies that simply do things we never thought were possible.

Ignoring change is simply not the best option if we want our companies to continue to be as successful as they can be.

That’s why MCAA created the Technology Initiative. With your association's help our members can understand the challenges of technological change and exploit the opportunities it creates. For more information, contact Sean McGuire.


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