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Standard Courses or Something Customized Just for You – MCAA’s National Education Initiative (NEI) has you covered!

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Advanced Supervisory Education Seminars

John Koontz, MCAA’s national director for project management and advanced supervisory education, shares what he’s learned from 15 years with MCAA contractors and his time as a tenured associate professor with Purdue University’s Department of Building Construction Management.


  • Planning Skills for Foremen
  • Productivity Improvement: Material Management and Site Planning Methods
  • The Foreman’s Role in Project Documentation
  • Managing Labor: Coding, Tracking, and Forecasting
  • Essential Management Skills for the Project Foreman
  • Managing Change at the Jobsite
  • Critical Leadership Skills for Project Foremen
  • Successful Survival of Project Closeout
  • Everyday Negotiating Skills for Jobsite Supervisors
  • Managing Your Subcontractors
  • Practical Time Management Skills for Foremen
  • Qualities, Characteristics, and Habits of the Industry’s Best Foremen


BIM for Mechanical Contractors Seminars

Looking for broad and basic knowledge of building information modeling, or BIM? Brett Endres, a senior project manager and BIM manager at Modern Construction Services LLC (MCS), teaches what he’s learned as he grew his company’s Detailing Department from a group of 2 drawing 2D shop drawings for installation, to a group of 26, providing 3D modeling, estimating, and trade coordination services.


  • BIM – Managing the Process, Controlling the Cost
  • Kick-Starting BIM, Because You Must: A Primer for Entering BIM
  • Getting the Most from BIM Project Execution Plans
  • Implementing and Managing the BIM Process Within Your Organization


Project Profitability Seminars

MCAA Past President Tom Williams will help you identify ways to improve project profitability during these seminars. He is the author of MCAA’s Planning for Profitability: Your Guide to Successful Preconstruction Planning and the Successful Project Management Flowchart. These seminars are recommended for groups of no more than 30 participants.

  • Planning for Productivity: A Case Study
  • Managing Change Orders and Documenting Construction Disputes
  • Six Habits of Highly Productive Foremen
  • Six Habits of Highly Profitable Project Managers
  • Jobsite Productivity: How to Protect It…How to Improve It
  • How to Turn Around a Job Going Bad: A Case Study


Fundamentals of Project Management Seminars

John Koontz, MCAA’s national director for project management and advanced supervisory education, shares what he learned during 15 years with MCAA contractors and his time as a tenured associate professor with Purdue University’s Department of Building Construction Management.


  • Conducting an Effective Turnover Meeting
  • Pre-Construction Planning and its Effect on Profitability
  • Productivity Improvement: Material Management and Site Planning Methods for Mechanical Projects
  • Cost Control I: Fundamentals of Job Cost Control
  • Project Billings and Maintaining Positive Project Cash Flow
  • Contracts I: Using the Contract as a Tool for Project Management
  • Time Management Skills and Managing Multiple Projects
  • Effective Project Documentation
  • Change Order Management I: Procedures for Successfully Managing Change Orders
  • Critical Leadership Skills for Project Managers
  • Change Order Management II: Analyzing, Identifying, and Calculating the Real Costs of Project Changes
  • Contracts II: Analyzing, Understanding, and Managing Contract Risk
  • Essential Management Skills for the Project Manager
  • Negotiating I: Basic Negotiating Skills for Project Managers
  • Mechanical Scheduling I: The Basics of Scheduling a Mechanical Project
  • Value-Based Mechanical Project Management
  • Managing the Risk of Owner Furnished Equipment
  • Profitably Managing Your Subcontractors
  • Successful Survival of Project Closeout
  • Basic Construction Law Concepts for Mechanical Project Managers
  • High Impact Communication Skills
  • Best Practices of Blue Chip Mechanical Project Managers


Job and Company Operations Seminars

Kathryn Crosby, former chair of MCAA’s Project Managers Education Committee, helps foremen and superintendents run more profitable, less problem-prone projects. She is the author of MCAA’s popular Project Manager's Manual.  
  • Project Coordinator Training
  • Successful Business Communications – It Begins at the Beginning
  • Construction – A People Business
  • Contract Language – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
  • Dealing with Difficult People at Work
  • The Art of Being an Effective Manager
  • Maximizing Your Cash Flow
  • Control Your Life by Controlling Your Time
  • Understanding and Resolving Conflict
  • Interpersonal Skills of the Project Team
  • Basic Business Writing for Foremen
  • Written Communication Skills
  • Re-Energize Your Workforce
  • Moving Forward When the Economy is Holding You Back
  • The Business of Contracting: Back to the Basics
  • Managing Project Risk through Solid Documentation
  • Construction Financial Management: It’s More Than Accounting
  • Financial Statements: What You Always Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask
  • General Conditions of the Contract
  • Knowing the Score
  • The Profitability of Safety
  • Safety: The Foreman’s Critical Role

Strategic Management Seminars

James (Jim) McCarl, a nationally recognized speaker with a 30-year career at the helm of McCarl’s, Inc. helps you strategically manage risk. You will gain insights into proven methods for developing effective strategic plans and key factors to implement and maintain them.


  • Succession Planning…or Else
  • An Outside Board of Directors…the Missing Link to Your Success
  • Building a Culture of Safety…More Than Numbers
  • To Be Green or Not To Be Green? That is the Question
  • Surviving and Thriving in Difficult Times
  • Strategic Planning – Your Springboard to Success
  • Risk Management for the Savvy Mechanical Contractor
  • Cash is King
  • Profit Is Not a Dirty Word
  • Advanced Strategic Planning
  • Contracting 201: Educating Your Foreman to Better Understand the Business of Contracting, Why Profitability is a Team Effort and How they Impact the Bottom Line


Custom Courses Designed Exclusively for Your Company

Don’t see something quite right? Our instructors will work with you to customize a course that meets your needs.


Looking for Service Programs for Your Location?

MSCA has more than 20!

Managing Service Projects

Woody Woodall, an MSCA leader and innovator, shows service project managers how to effectively efficiently juggle all facets of this fast-paced and demanding position. A role-playing case study helps attendees gain a better understanding of the challenges encountered during each step of the project.


Employee Development Series

  • Communication Skills for Building Better Working Relationships
  • Word Power: Making E-mails and Other Written Communications Effective
  • Time Management: From Chaos to Control
  • What Motivates Me? Managing Personal Work Expectations
  • Managing Personal Change in the Workplace
  • Conflict Resolution: Turning Resistance into Productivity
  • Verbal Impact: Getting Comfortable with Public Speaking
  • The Art of Listening: Responding with Purpose
  • Valuing Differences: Diversity in the Workplace
  • Service Team Accountability: Success through Personal Actions
  • Gender Differences and HVACR: Seven Rules for Soaring about the Rooftops


Service Skills Development Series

Nancy Bandy, a professional trainer and management consultant with more than 20 years of experience in corporate training, sales and management development provides tips for navigating the HVACR workplace.

Sales Development Series

  • Mining for Customer Gold: Prospecting for the New Salesperson
  • Customer Connections: Building Positive Sales Relationships
  • High-Impact Sales Presentations: Making a Profitable Impression
  • Managing Your Sales Career: Time, Territory and Stress
  • Team Presentations: Making the “Right Hand” and the “Left Hand” Work Together
  • Positive Negotiating: Turning Opponents into Partners Customer Service Series
  • Service Skills for the Service Professional
  • Creating a Culture of Service from the Top-Down
  • Customer Loyalty: Managing Your Most Valuable Asset