Field and Foreman Leadership Development (FFLD) Seminars

This series will highlight how interactions with coworkers, other tradespeople and the end users can help (or hurt) the direct cost of union tradespeople. As well as how decisions impact safety, insurance, profits and overall company culture at every level of a project. The communication and cooperation between the Project Manager, Detailing Department (VDC) and field leadership sets the tone for the success of any organization. This session will educate ALL sides on what the other is dealing with on a daily basis to better understand how their roles can be improved through leadership, communication and education.

These courses are eligible for a 20% rebate on instructor fees, up to $5,000 per class. This benefit is available only to MCAA members and local affiliates in good standing who book courses via the NEI Initiative portal.

Classes taught by Mark Rogers include:

FFLD 101: The Foreman’s Impact on Profitability 
FFLD 102: High Impact Leadership From the Field and Office: Leading Beyond the Project 
FFLD 103: The Real Cost of a Manhour