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BuiltWorlds Recaps Highlights of MCAA Construction Technology Conference

Disruptive technology, robotics, drones, 3D printing, cloud computing and storage, BIM and much more were the hot topics at the MCAA Construction Technology Conference in June in Indianapolis. BuiltWorlds, MCAA’s technology partner that presented the exhibit of new construction devices and products at the conference, captured all the speakers and their presentations in a detailed article that not only described the technologies but also how contractors are using them in operations, such as fabrication shops, and projects to improve productivity, efficiency and profits. Read the article.

Did you Miss our Webinar on the BIM Software Analysis Report?

JBKnowledge’s latest research report in the MCAA Construction Technology Research Series – BIM Software Analysis – was featured in a webinar on June 23.

Josh Bone, the report’s principal author, led the webinar and offered insights into the study findings, explained the differences in the software tested and answered questions about BIM and virtual design and construction processes and systems.

If you missed this chance to learn more about the software available for these technologies and how they can help improve your business operations and projects, and you’re an MCAA or MSCA member, you can listen to the archived webinar as a benefit of membership.

You can listen to the webinar here and download the BIM Software Analysis Report here in our Resource Center. Questions about the study? Contact Sean McGuire.

MCAA Construction Technology Conference Looks to the Future

Technology is changing the game for mechanical contractors, and 250 MCAA members have come to Indianapolis to find out how.

MCAA’s Construction Technology Conference will introduce members to the latest technologies now in use in the construction industry and just coming down the pipe from experts that include James Benham and Rob McKinney of JB Knowledge, Inc. and Nathan Wood of Spectrum AEC.

Then, participants will check out how these innovations work at an exhibit presented by BuiltWorlds. Case studies led by Chris Weaver of the Andy J. Egan Company on Integrating Technology and Britton Langdon of Modern Piping will provide more in-depth discussion and insights on how technologies are shaping project management in the office and in the field.

Breakout sessions will give participants an opportunity to exchange information and learn more about how devices could and should work to enhance business operations by improving data security and helping contractors deal effectively with owner-driven software mandates and disruptive technology.

MCAA 2016 Fabrication Conference was Over the Top

About 180 MCAA members traveled to central Texas last week for MCAA’s 2016 Fabrication Conference. Hosted by Dynamic Systems, Inc. (Austin, TX), the tour of the company’s fabrication operation gave attendees an appreciation of the company’s focus on process and productivity and dedication to providing its employees with the best possible work environment.

Attendees saw the virtual design area; machines, tools and equipment including a spiral machine, CNC plasma tables and coil line and delivery, the Vernon 5 Axis and Victaulic machine; the bar coding and basketing operation; cutting and welding procedures; quality assurance/quality control; and much, much more.

Educational sessions augmented the program. Dynamic Systems Senior Vice President Jay Rohan started off the conference with a detailed overview of the company and its fabrication operation. UA Training Director Chris Haslinger and International Representative Mark Buss shared their expertise about issues affecting fabrication operations, including new equipment, such as “Mega Stir” and other technologies that are changing the way jobs are managed in the field.

Sessions led by Amanda Comunale of Victaulic (Easton, PA) andDutch Martinez of Harder Mechanical (Portland, OR) and Lean consultant Dennis Sowards (Mesa, AZ) provided more perspectives and insights on managing fabrication processes effectively and profitably.

Attendees also had an opportunity to see the latest technologies during an exhibit presented by Autodesk, BD SysQue, Pentair, DeWalt, Eaton B-Line Series, Get the Point, Milwaukee Tool, Pipe Fabrication Institute, Team Industries, Trimble, Victaulic and Zurn.

Can Your Fab Operation Improve?

If your answer is “yes,” then plan to participate in MCAA’s next Construction Technology Webinar on May 12, Optimizing Fabrication with BIM, at 1:00 p.m.

Led by Josh Bone, BIM Services Manager with JB Knowledge, you will learn how Building Information Modeling (BIM) can help streamline your fabrication operation workflows for those willing to make the investment.

In this webinar, Bone will discuss software solutions that enable different aspects of the fabrication process and address potential limitations. He will share best practices and workflows to maximize your outputs.

It’s not too late! We already held this webinar, but you can check out the archived recording in our Resource Center.

MCAA’s Construction Technology Webinar on 3D Scanning

James Benham, who led several sessions on new and emerging construction technologies and cyber security at MCAA 2016,  presented his research findings in the first of a multi-part webinar series on construction technology on April 7, at 12:00 p.m. Eastern time during MCAA’s Construction Technology Webinar.

The report, which is now available, provides a comparative analysis of 3D scanning technology. In 2016, MCAA partnered with JBK Labs to release this research.

Each part of the series evaluates and compares the benefits of specific products and software that contractors can apply in their operations.

James Benham, founder of JB Knowledge and its research wing, JBK Labs,  discusses the results of the first part of the study series on 3D Scanning Technology during this webinar. He explores and compares the differences in 3D scanning products, software and processes, also providing a glimpse of 3D scanning solutions that are still emerging.

If you missed the webinar, view our archived version here.

Download the report.

MCAA’s 3D Scanning Report Available

If you’ve been thinking about adding a 3D scanning system to your operations, be sure to check out MCAA’s report, 3D Scanning Technology – A Comparative Analysis.

The MCAA report is the first in a series of research on construction technologies that are now in use and becoming available in the near future. The report assesses various laser, non-laser scanning and photogrammetric hardware and software tools that mechanical contractors are using to map out projects.

Developed by JBKLabs, the research and development team of JBKnowledge, Inc., the report is free as a benefit of MCAA membership.

Download the report.