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Thinking of Hiring an Intern? Stop Thinking. Start Hiring.

Looking for your next great employee to groom and help you push your company to the next level? Well there’s an app…no, wait…a bulletin for that! It’s is entitled “How to Find, Hire, and Manage Student Interns” which is Bulletin No. HR 1 Revised in MCAA’s Management Methods Manual. That’s right…you already own it as a free MCAA member benefit! But, wait, there’s more…

MCAA sweetens the deal through its GreatFutures website ( where you can find resumes from and interact with literally hundreds of great students from MCAA’s 50+ student chapters. Let me guess…you still want more?

OK, then, let’s put a cherry on the top of  your recruitment sundae. The Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation (MCERF) will even pay you $1,000 each for hiring up to two of these awesome interns.

So, let’s review:

  • a free step-by-step, how-to bulletin on How to Find, Hire, and Manage Student Interns
  • a free website with MCAA student chapter interns, photos, and resumes from the brightest young people who want to enter our industry, and…
  • free money to hire up to two of them

Like the title says…if you’re thinking of hiring an intern, stop thinking…start hiring!

For more information about MCAA’s Career Development activities, contact Harlee Gallo.

Arden Building Companies LLC Contribute to MCERF

arden2Arden Building Companies, LLC (Pawtucket, RI) have contributed an additional $1,000 to MCERF, bringing their total contribution to $5,200 to the Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation (MCERF).  Robert Bolton, President of Arden, says that he and all the Arden companies stand firmly behind MCERF’s efforts to “support industry education, particularly their emphasis on student and faculty internships.”

MCERF President, Mark Rogers, thanked Robert and all Arden associates for their support of the Foundation.

For more information on MCERF, contact Dennis Langley (

Find a Student to Hire with Our Student Chapter Contacts List

If you’re looking for a well-qualified student to hire as an intern or to fill a full-time professional position, MCAA has yet another resource to help you with your search—MCAA’s Student Chapter Contacts list.

Download now

The list provides complete contact information for each MCAA student chapter’s faculty advisor and local association sponsor. A chapter’s advisor can suggest well-qualified students as potential candidates for employment opportunities, and they’re very willing to help. And, check with the chapter’s local association sponsor, who might be able to offer recommendations.

Go to for other helpful resources. A map of all MCAA student chapters will show you which colleges and universities have established programs. And, once you get a lead on a great candidate, search our resume postings on the same site for that promising student.

Good luck!


MCAA’s New Brochure Can Help You Start a Student Chapter

If your experience at the 2016 Student Chapter and Mechanical Contractors Summit inspired you to organize an MCAA student chapter, “Starting an MCAA Student Chapter” can help.

The brochure is revised, redesigned and updated to cover all the steps involved in organizing a new MCAA student chapter as well as the benefits of the program to help you recruit members.

The colorful brochure explains:

  • How MCAA’s student chapter program works with local affiliated associations that sponsor chapters;
  • The grants and scholarships, funded by the Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation (MCERF), that help support chapter activities and projects and travel to the Summit and MCAA’s convention;
  • The website that helps students find internships and full-time positions and learn more about our industry; and
  • Who to contact for more help and information.

Download your copy.



MCAA Student Summit Draws Record Crowd

MCAA’s 2016 Student Chapter and Mechanical Contractors Summit drew a record number of MCAA student chapter members, faculty advisors, contractors and local association execs for a Mile-High experience. New technologies, career advice, Student Competition news, a new mini competition format and a fabulous tour of a local brewery made for an over-the-top Summit to remember.

The Summit opened with a Technology Exhibit. Presentations from representatives of four of the industry’s newest and most dynamic technologies were featured, including those using augmented reality and the latest iterations of 3D printing. Attendees tried on, tested, tinkered with and talked about the technologies that they will use in their future career.

The educational program opened with welcome remarks by MCAA President Tom Stone followed by session led by David Hyland and John Santangelo of Trimble who discussed Robotic Total Station, the latest updates in the device and how this technology is being used in the construction industry.  Then Timothy Drake, president of the University of NE-Lincoln student chapter, explained how his chapter won the 2015 Student Chapter of the Year and offered some ideas about what chapters could do to improve their chances of winning next year. Jon Finch of Milwaukee Tool led a session that took real-world examples of young people who used social media to enhance their careers but who made some mistakes that ranged from silly to career-terminal!  Finch suggested ways for students to avoid such mistakes and how to be social media savvy when using those media to bolster their careers.

Dr. Blake Wentz of the Milwaukee School of Engineering ran the mini competition and presented the project and the background for the annual mini competition—the construction of a college fraternity house. The highlight of this annual event was the game show format similar to TV’s popular “Jeopardy” that involved all the student teams. A combination of teams 3 and 4 won the game and a $50 cash prize.

Career Development Committee member John Powell (San Ramon, CA) announced the project for MCAA’s 2016-2017 Student Chapter Competition—the renovation of a wastewater treatment plant in Chippewa Falls, WI.  The project, which is significantly different than its predecessors, will require minimal actual design-build skills and planning  It also challenges each responding team to demonstrate their understanding of the profound water crises facing several states and to begin contemplating solutions.

A panel featuring four recent graduates (all of whom were members of the MCAA Colorado State University student chapter) now working for MCAA contractors answered questions from the audience about what they’ve learned since leaving the college and joining the workforce.  They discussed the importance of work place chemistry, learning from the “seasoned veterans” and the value of internships as an excellent experience and skills-building tool.

The highlight of the Summit, however, was a tour of the Breckenridge Brewery, a local Denver favorite. Attendees learned how old-world artistry and modern technology combined to make some of the best craft beer around and then enjoyed a dinner featuring some of Denver’s favorite delicacies, including elk burgers.

Next year, we head to Indianapolis for more challenges and networking opportunities.


Mechanical, Inc. Makes Additional Contribution to MCERF

Mechanical_IncThe Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation (MCERF) received a $5,000 contribution from Mechanical, Inc., Freeport, IL.  This contribution brings Mechanical, Inc.’s total MCERF contribution to $17,500.  President Brian Helm said this contribution is a “…show of support for the the Foundation’s efforts to support industry education, especially those in career development and internships.”

Mark Rogers, MCERF’s President, thanked Brian for Mechanical, Inc.’s support.

For more information on MCERF, contact Dennis Langley (

MCERF Thanks Frank Schaetzke for Contribution

Frank_SchaetzkeFrank Schaetzke of Pipersville, PA made a personal contribution of $500 to the Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation (MCERF).  This brings Frank’s total personal contributions to MCERF to $2,500.  Frank is Vice President of National Contractor Accounts for Zurn Industries, LLC.  He hopes his support allows “…MCERF to continue its outstanding support of industry education and internships.  These efforts really differentiate the mechanical contracting industry from others.”

Mark Rogers, MCERF’s President, thanked Frank for his support of the Foundation.  Rogers said, “Frank is a good friend to the Foundation.”

For more information on MCERF, contact Dennis Langley (

Thanks to Sponsors of GreatFutures 2016

Sponsors of the GreatFutures 2016 Student Chapter and Mechanical Contractors Summit (October 13-15, Denver, CO) helped make this our best Summit ever.  MCAA thanks host MCA of Colorado and these fine member companies for their contributions to this annual conference: CNA, Milwaukee Tool, Murphy Company, NIBCO,  Victaulic, Viega, U.S. Engineering and Zurn.   

Each of these companies sponsored some aspect of the Summit. CNA contributed to a buffet luncheon, NIBCO supported the backpacks, Viega sponsored the t-shirts, Victaulic covered the water bottles and Zurn sponsored Subway gift cards. MCA of Colorado, Murphy Company, U.S. Engineering and Milwaukee Tool contributed to a dinner at the Breckenridge Brewery, which Summit attendees also toured.

The Summit drew more than 240 future professionals, faculty advisors, MCAA members, local association executives and guests for learning and networking. Student attendees gained more insight into the mechanical contracting and service industry and may even have met a future employer!

The conference opened with a technology exhibit, organized by BuiltWorlds, featuring the latest technologies that mechanical and service contractors are using at project sites and throughout business operations to increase productivity and profits. Educational sessions, announcement of the 2016-2017 MCAA Student Chapter Competition and the annual mini competition with a new twist offered a memorable experience.


CNA - RedMurphy LogoNIBCO_Stackedviega2009_logo 3C_wWhiteLineVictaulic_ColorUS_EngineeringMilwaukee Tool LogoZurnMCA-CO_Logo_PMS287_May2016


It’s Not too Late to Find an Intern, and Get a Grant

MCAA_GREAT_FUTURESIf you are considering hiring an intern for this summer and you haven’t yet lined up candidates, go to MCAA’s website,

Over 200 resumes of well-qualified students from across the U.S. and Canada are posted and they’re eager to work for a mechanical, mechanical service or plumbing contractor to learn the business.

And, once you’ve hired someone, you can apply for a Student Internship Grant from the Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation (MCERF). The grants are $1,200 each and you may apply for up two grants (if you hire two interns).

View Resumes

Apply for a Grant

ASHRAE President Tim Wentz to Attend MCAA 2017

Timothy G. Wentz, associate professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, winner of MCAA’s highest honor – the Distinguished Service Award – and a three-time winner of MCAA’s Educator of the Year Award, became the 2016-2017 president of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) during its annual conference in St. Louis, MO June 25-29.

He’s been preparing for this leadership role for many years as chairman of ASHRAE’s Members Council and President-Elect Advisory Committee and a member of the Chapter Volunteerism and Engagement Ad Hoc Committee and the Building Performance Alliance Ad Hoc Committee.

During this past year, Wentz has traveled to all corners of the world visiting and speaking to ASHRAE chapters and attending technical conferences.

MCAA is honored that President Wentz will participate in MCAA 2017 in San Diego, CA!

2016 Faculty Boot Camp was an Over-the-Top Success

Sixteen faculty members from as many universities came to the P1 Group, Inc. in Lenexa, KS in June for a three-day crash course in mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems (M-E-P) – the 2016 Mechanical-Electrical Academic Consortium’s (MEAC) Faculty Training Camp.

The Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation (MCERF) co-sponsored the conference with Electri International of the National Electrical Contractors Association.

The educational sessions, led by Prof. Mike Feutz of Ferris State University, Prof. Tim Wentz of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Prof. Lori Brown of California State University, Chico and Prof. Shannon Nicklaus of Pittsburg State University (Kansas), covered mechanical systems and properties; plumbing systems and equipment; testing, balancing and commissioning; estimating; scheduling; high performance contracting; electrical fundamentals; power distribution; systems; lighting; and electrical estimating and scheduling.

All the sessions were designed to brief faculty on M-E-P basics and suggest effective ways to teach the information to students. The P1 Group not only hosted the conference this year, but also arranged tours of its fabrication facility and a new addition to the Olathe Medical Center that’s under construction. Thanks to the P1 Group for hosting the conference and arranging the tours, Shannon Nicklaus for organizing the conference and to MCERF and Electri International for their financial support!

Annual Awards Breakfast Spotlights Exceptional Students

Outstanding MCAA student chapters, an educator and students’ achievements were celebrated at the Annual Awards Breakfast on March 23.

MCERF President Mark Rogers presented scholarship checks to Timothy Drake of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for the Foster J. McCarl, Jr. Memorial Scholarship ($2,500); Leah Hendricks of the Milwaukee School of Engineering for the William A. Bianco, Jr. Memorial Scholarship ($5,000); Andrew Palcan, also of MSOE, for The Reilly Family Memorial Scholarship ($5,000); and Kevin McIntyre, also of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for the Alan P. O’Shea Memorial Scholarship ($2,500).

Career Development Committee Chairman Troy Aichele awarded trophies and cash prizes to the finalists of this year’s Student Chapter Competition: first prize and $10,000 went to Student Chapter for Mechanical/Electrical Specialty Contracting at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the $5,000 prize for second place went to the Rocky Mountain Chapter of MCAA at Colorado State University.

The University of NebraskaLincoln chapter was also honored as the 2015 Student Chapter of the Year, and Prof. Blake Wentz of the Milwaukee School of Engineering was honored as the 2015 Educator of the Year.

MCA of Eastern PA Contributes to MCERF

The Mechanical Contractors Association of Eastern PA (MCA of EPA), Blue Bell, PA, has contributed an additional $10,000 to the Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation (MCERF) bringing its total contribution to $160,000.  mca-eastern-paTim Brink, Executive Vice President of the MCA of EPA, praised his association membership for its perennial support of MCERF’s efforts to fund education programs and activities for the mechanical contracting industry.  Brink, who also serves as Treasurer for MCERF, said he particularly appreciates the Foundation’s support of student chapter activities and internships for his contractor members.

President of MCERF Mark Rogers, himself a member of the MCA of EPA, thanked the leadership and members of his association for their years of support of the Foundation.

For more information on MCERF, contact Dennis Langley (

MCAA Student Chapter Summit Makes BuiltWorlds’ Top 10 Videos

VRMCAA’s 2015 Student Chapter Summit, which brought together more than 200 future industry professionals, faculty advisors, MCAA contractor members and local association executives in Cleveland, OH last October, made BuiltWorlds’ top 10 videos of the year. BuiltWorlds, a Chicago-based organization that promotes companies that develop technologies for the construction industry, organized an exhibit of vendors that displayed a variety of technologies that contractors are …or will…use on the jobsite and in the office. MCAA student chapter members were filmed testing the new technologies and discussing their features and applications with the vendors.

View the Video