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  • Download Logo Zip File - Contains all high and low resolution variations in CMYK format for print, plus a .jpg version for web use. By downloading, you agree to the Terms of Use below.

Terms of Use of MCAA Manufacturer/Supplier Council Logo

As a member of the Manufacturer/Supplier Council, you are permitted to use the Manufacturer/Supplier Partner logo and the latest convention logo on any of your promotional materials. By downloading these logos, the user acknowledges that they will be used for the express purpose of advertising your company's membership in the MCAA Manufacturer/Supplier Council.* Further, the user agrees to immediately cease usage of these logos upon discontinuation of their membership.

To download this file, right click on the word "download" next to the item, choose "Save Target As," and save the file to your computer.

*This logo more clearly identifies you as a valued component of the mechanical contracting industry and your relationship with MCAA. We hope that you will use this logo in your publications and on materials directed to your customers. We encourage you to also read the "Use of MCAA Corporate Logo" section as well. If you have any questions concerning the use of the MCAA M/SC Logo, please do not hesitate to contact MCAA.

Use of MCAA Corporate Logo

Manufacturer/Supplier members are provided a special logo for use in promoting participation in MCAA along with the annual convention emblem. The use of MCAA’s corporate logo(s) is limited to MCAA’s official affinity partners in accordance with their affinity agreement. Any use of MCAA’s corporate logo to imply endorsement of a product or company that is not within our affinity partnership is an infringement of MCAA’s copyright and subject to all laws governing copyrights.

All material published electronically, including membership listings, on the Mechanical Contractors Association of America website and MCAA Affiliate websites is the property of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (unless otherwise noted) and may not be reproduced for sale or distribution of any kind. Nor may it be used in the creation of any other publications (print or electronic), online or satellite services, or World Wide Web sites without the express written consent of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America.

Please note: MCAA’s membership list is copyrighted and therefore will not be provided in electronic format.