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reDISCOVER Best Practices at MSCA19

The Peer Group Forums at MSCA19, October 13-16, 2019 in Colorado Springs, CO, will give attendees the opportunity to talk about topics of interest and concern within the HVACR and plumbing industry. This collaborative environment is a valuable way to rediscover best practices with peers and leaders in the field, providing invaluable knowledge and resources to help advance their business.

This year’s sessions hit on relevant industry needs such as recruiting and retaining the best employees as the company continues to grow. The new reality of workplace needs and how to retain staff through employee engagement and culture. Reconceptualize concepts and ideas for empowering your techs. Attendees will listen to sales insights as well as trends and best practices in automation and renewals.

Wednesday’s Peer Group Forum will be broken down by company size to ensure relatable and relevant discussion based on the 2019 MSCA benchmark survey.

MSCA Member Companies Are Recognized for Being at the Top of Their Game

Two MSCA member companies, Atomatic Mechanical Services of Arlington Heights, IL, and Wiegmann Associates of St. Charles, MO, were recognized by Contracting Business as commercial HVAC contracting firms who are consistently at the top of their game.

There are common threads that connect them, but each firm has methods and processes that make them unique.

Each of these excellent contractors has devoted time and attention to internal processes, training and communication, and building a culture of respect for all team members.

Atomatic has yearly “themes,” introduced by president/CEO Steve Stachorek, PE. These are used to help them work on specific attitudes that are so critical to effective cultures. “For 2019, our theme is “Choose Positive,” he said.

“One of our key values is teamwork,” said Jim Bartolotta, Past MSCA Chair and Executive Vice President for Atomatic, “and it is embedded in our culture, not just words on a wall.”

Then, most importantly, each of these contracting businesses exists to provide long-lasting employment and career development for employees.

And then, of course, we can’t omit training, which is synonymous with “the future.” Wiegmann follows union training programs and also has weekly training sessions. Atomatic uses a Culture Index to survey employees on workplace issues towards increasing the professional and personal growth of its employees.

Each firm will be offered a seat on the Contracting Business editorial advisory board, and receive a commemorative piece for the trophy cabinet.

Congratulations to these Commercial HVAC Contractors of Excellence!


Read full Contracting Business article. 

Ready, Redeploy and Respond with Colonel (Ret.) Tom Magness at MSCA19

Leaders charged with building and maintaining high performance teams have a unique challenge to keep the well-oiled machine communicating, creating and achieving.  To achieve and sustain this level of performance from both the team and the leader, Colonel (Ret.) Tom Magness, embraces the notion that daily training builds confidence and competence, while providing essential skills and knowledge—resulting in readiness.

Join us October 13-16, 2019 in Colorado Springs, CO for the MSCA19 Education Conference. This special bonus session will be led by Colonel Magness on Sunday, October 13, prior to the start of MSCA19, and will help you gain a better understanding and elevate your organization’s purpose resulting in a common shared vision of success or end-state. The session will draw on examples from military, sports and corporate America to highlight the value and best practices in communicating leader’s intent and how two-way communication develops ownership of the mission as well as future team empowerment. Discussion will also focus on the significance of early leader development and how to motivate developing leaders. Participants engage in hands-on practical exercises, small group discussion and lively dialogue spotlighting critical issues identified by the client hoping to elevate their teams to this level.

Registration for MSCA Field Supervisors Training is Now Open

The 2019 Field Supervisors Training is scheduled for October 29-30, 2019 in Seattle, WA. This is an intensive two-day training program designed to give your service field supervisors (and your company) an edge in today’s tough market.

Focusing on training and improving the performance of service field supervisors, this program uses proven methods that will advance skills in leadership, coaching, planning, time management, communication, and motivational techniques, all of which will give the field supervisor an edge and the confidence to deal with the workplace challenges of today. The program covers a wide range of topics relevant to the needs of field supervisors, including transition to management, mentoring, delegation, the eight core values of a successful supervisor.

This is one of the most  popular courses that MSCA offers and it fills up fast!

Submit Your Nominations for the MSCA19 Everyday Hero Award

MSCA defines the Everyday Hero as Everyday Hero as a person of integrity with a will of compassion to serve others, who willingly and unselfishly gives of his or her time, skills, and /or services to assist, support, or advocate for others, but seeks no recognition or compensation.

There are remarkable heroes all throughout our industry, doing extraordinary things every day. They have a passion to brighten other’s lives in whatever way they can without seeking attention. That deserves to be recognized and celebrated!

We need your help to find a group of these exceptional people who are making a positive impact in the lives of others — please take the time to nominate one or more people in your company that you believe are deserving of this honor.


Here’s what the 2018 recipient had to say:

“It was a great honor and true pleasure to receive the 2018 Everyday Hero award. Many of the people in the audience had just donated their time and efforts working with a local non profit organization in Orange County. Anyone that gives back is considered a hero in my book and I think what the MSCA has done for local charities since adding this event is quite extraordinary and something all members should be proud of.”

Ted Stutz, EMCOR Services/Mesa Energy


Here’s what the 2018 nominator had to say about the experience:

“Until I met him, I had never met a hero or seen what they do first hand. He gives back quietly and without fanfare and is not looking for any kudos. He makes us all want to be a better person. We all have a long way to go to be like him.”

Kip Bagley, VP of Service, EMCOR Services/Mesa Energy

MSCA 2019 Benchmark Survey

MSCA is conducting a comprehensive benchmark survey to obtain data on key performance indicators (KPIs) in the HVACR and plumbing service industry. The results of this survey will provide you with extremely relevant and important data you can use to assess your own company’s operations and processes in comparison to other MSCA member companies and for us to be able to evaluate industry trends. Survey results will be available to all members later this year.

MSCA members should have received an email with the link to complete the survey. If you did not receive it or need any additional information, please reach out to Michaela Mueller,

REFLECT with Mercedes Ramirez Johnson at MSCA19!

In 1995, Mercedes Ramirez Johnson narrowly survived a commercial airplane crash that killed 160 people, including her parents.

As one of only four survivors of this tragedy, she vowed that she would make her second chance at life count. Mercedes will share her story and her message with all of us at the MSCA19 education conference at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, October 13-16, 2019.

Many people feel so overwhelmed by daily pressures and obligations that they find themselves in survival mode, pushing today’s concerns off to tomorrow. Mercedes will move the audience to put their challenges in perspective and carefully consider how the choices they make will profoundly affect their future. Through her gripping, poignant, yet humorous account of her plane crash and long-fought recovery, Mercedes proves that everyone can achieve their dreams.

Mercedes, along with Kip Bagley, MSCA Chair, will also participate in the presentation of the sixth annual MSCA Everyday Hero Award that recognizes an individual in our industry for their selfless contributions to their community. Don’t miss your chance to nominate those in your company who you believe are deserving of this honor.


MSCA Partners with the Convoy of Hope for Tenth Year

MSCA has partnered with Convoy of Hope since 2010 to deliver supplies to families in need who live in cities where the association holds its annual conference. This partnership has resulted in the donation of over HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in food, goods, labor, and equipment that benefit individuals and families nationwide.

At this year’s MSCA19 educational conference, members will perform various activities at the Springs Rescue Mission. Springs Rescue Mission was Convoy of Hope’s local charity of choice at MSCA 2011 and MSCA 2015, and was selected again this year due to their growing impact on their community. Their services include providing critically needed food, clothing, and household supplies to the homeless and struggling families as well as culinary arts and addiction recovery programs and life skills training.

Please help us to reach our monetary donation goal of $50,000 to fund our Convoy activities at MSCA19, which will be held October 13—16, 2019 in Colorado Springs, CO.

See our 10 year history!

FINISH MSCA19 with Jon Acuff!

Jon Acuff, New York Times Bestselling author of six books including his most recent; Finish, will close out the MSCA19 education conference at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, October 13-16, 2019, by sharing easy changes you can make to your corporate culture to make sure everyone hits their goals.
According to a study conducted by the University of Scranton, 92% of resolutions fail. That’s a staggering number considering how important goals are to our companies. The good news is, you can learn to finish. It’s not a natural talent some people have, and others do not. It can be taught and Jon will show you how! Starting is fun, but the future belongs to finishers. Join us to re-FOCUS and re-ASSES how to make the most with the knowledge you’ll take home from this year’s conference!

M&SCA of Eastern Pennsylvania and Convoy of Hope Serve Their Local Community

M&SCA of Eastern Pennsylvania hosted a Community Event in Huntington Park last month. The event was in partnership with the Convoy of Hope, a national organization that helps empower others to live independent lives free from poverty, disease, and hunger.

The local chapter provides annually to the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House but wanted to do something more right within their local community, with personal participation from the Association members and their labor partners in Steamfitters LU 420, and Plumbers of LU 690. Having worked with the Convoy of Hope over the last ten years at the MSCA Educational Conferences, they decided to team up with them and provide free haircuts, medical services, family portraits and more to members of the Philadelphia community.

The day provided a great opportunity for volunteers to spend time with their families and give back.  More than 3,500 guests attended the event and the group provided more than 5,000 bags of groceries to the community.

“There’s not a better feeling in the world than seeing people helping people,” shared Bob Veight, Senior Director of Service Operations at West Chester Mechanical Contractors, Inc, in Aston, PA.

A special thank you to M&SCA of Eastern Pennsylvania, Convoy of Hope and all who were involved is this fantastic event!

re-INVENT Your Company’s Future at MSCA19!

Venture Capitalist and Serial Entrepreneur, Josh Linkner, will be featured at the opening session of this year’s MSCA19 Education Conference, October 13-16, 2019 at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO. To Josh, creativity and innovation are the lifeblood of all human progress. As such, he’s spent his career harnessing the power of creative disruption. His journey has been non-traditional at every step. As the founder and CEO of five tech companies, Josh built his businesses from a blank page into a combined value of over $200 million. As a hyper-growth CEO of over 20 years, he’s used innovative approaches to topple competitors, fight through adversity, and achieve at the highest levels.

Companies, communities and individuals fail for many reasons, but one of the most common—and easily avoidable—is the failure to re-INVENT. Josh will lay out a road map for individuals and companies to successfully and continually challenge themselves to re-INVENT.

Registration is Now Open for MSCA19!

Join us at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, October 13-16, 2019, for the MSCA19 Educational Conference.

This year’s conference is packed with relatable education sessions led by world renowned experts who will help you understand our ever-changing world and rebuild your road map for success in the upcoming years. Re-commit, re-connect and rekindle your excitement for reassured success!

The skies are clear in Colorado. Let’s reENVISION!

Check out the conference website.

Register Today for the UA-MCAA Labor Relations Conference

The 2019 UA-MCAA Labor Relations Conference: Succeeding Together is scheduled to take place October 29 – 30, 2019, at The Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada and registration is now open!

The conference, jointly hosted by the United Association (UA) and MCAA, will feature panel discussions focused on topics such as growing apprenticeships, developing a joint labor-management strategic planning committee and retention of workers.

Acknowledging the importance of engaging the future of our organizations, the UA is asking all locals to bring one apprentice to the conference this year. MCAA will be hosting a breakout session with these apprentices to give them an opportunity to really dig into and ask questions about the management of the business with MCAA leaders one-on-one. Because apprentices are not only the future of the UA, they are the future of the MCAA as well.

To maximize our time together, MCAA is asking its members to plan joint dinners with their local labor partners following Tuesday’s reception. Exchanging ideas and experiences is how we will continue to thrive in this industry we all love, it is how we will be Succeeding Together.

Registration for Popular MSCA Service Managers Training Program Now Open

The 2019 MSCA Service Managers Training Program is now open for registration. Scheduled for September 9-12, 2019 in San Diego, CA, this intensive four-day class will provide service professionals with critical management and leadership skills to enhance their performance, provide added-value to their company and ensure their success.  The program was developed with the service manager’s typical day-to-day problems in mind and will address key topics in financial management, communication, conflict resolution, leadership, coaching and motivation.  Class size is limited and program sells out quickly so register today. For more information and the register, click here.

Boston Opens New Training Center

MSCA Chair, Kip Bagley, (EMCOR Services Mesa Energy Systems, Irvine, CA) spoke at the New England MSCA membership meeting last month in Boston, MA. Later that week he joined Local 537 to celebrate their new Pipefitters Training Center. Also in attendance were UA General President, Mark McManus, Mayor Martin Walsh, many sate and city officials, UA International Representative C. Daniel Watts, Building Trades President, Brian Doherty, The Boston City Singers, Rev. Gerry Petringa and many LU 537 members, family members and friends.

“You have so much to be proud of  with your beautiful new training center,” remarked Bagley. “It is very impressive and I know it took a joint effort to make it a reality.”

The new facility hosts over 80 welding booths, hands on refrigeration and pipefitting classrooms and state of the art computer labs. This Class of 2023 will be the first apprenticeship class that will spend their entire five years of education in the newly built Training Center.

A special thank you to former MSCA Chair and Education Trustee for Local 537, Frank Norton, who plays an integral role in the HVAC industry in Boston and was instrumental in seeing the building of the training center come to fruition.

This is an exciting time at Local 537 and in Boston!

2019: A Good Year to Be a Better HVAC Contractor

MSCA Chair, Kip Bagley, along with other industry leaders, were interviewed by ACHR News regarding the year’s outlook for the HVAC industry.

By all accounts, 2018 was a great year as far as the U.S. economy was concerned. Sales of HVAC equipment remained strong, the unemployment rate stayed below 4 percent, and the gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 3.4 percent in the third quarter (4.2 percent in the second quarter).

But some analysts believe the economy may soften in 2019, as housing starts slow down, interest rates rise, and existing home sales decrease. This may mean fewer remodeling opportunities, or it could result in consumers deciding to stay put and investing in their current homes and businesses. That would be good news for HVAC contractors.

Many member companies of the Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA) experienced year-over-year growth in 2018, said current chairman, Kip Bagley, vice president of service, Emcor Services Mesa Energy Systems, Irvine, California.

“Retrofit divisions have been among the highest increases year over year, followed by automation and service,” he said. “MSCA expects to see continued growth in 2019 when it comes to service offerings. I expect to see continued interest and increased sales in equipment and innovations that focus on energy efficiencies, such as VRF systems, chiller replacements, and drive projects, as well as solar and automation equipment installations and upgrades.”

Bagley expects commercial service and repair work to continue growing at the same pace as it has for the last several years.

“There are so many systems that are in various life cycle stages, so when organizations are faced with budget cuts or consolidation, they typically choose to service and repair their equipment instead of making a larger investment in a replacement,” he said. “We don’t see this changing for the foreseeable future.”

Looking ahead for the year, the skilled worker shortage will continue to be a challenge, forcing many business owners to turn down work because of lack of manpower. In addition, businesses continue to struggle with adapting to new technologies, which are always changing.

Not surprisingly, the labor shortage continues to be a concern for MSCA as well. Bagley noted that while this has been a big issue over the last few years, the next five to seven years may be even more of a challenge as baby boomers start retiring.

“The good news is that we are starting to see an increased interest in younger millennials (ages 17 to 23) joining the skilled trades, as well as those in their late 20s and 30s, who are struggling with college loan debt,” he said. “Both groups are finding out that our industry provides excellent compensation, benefits, and opportunities.”

Bagley believes that company culture has a lot to do with attracting and retaining employees. He noted that companies can be successful by having a highly collaborative environment, fostering constant communication, and being dedicated to the ongoing training of their technical workforce.

“We also encourage adopting proven technologies and innovations, which help attract the younger generations,” he said. “Finally, it helps to be a very sales-focused organization, so technicians are always busy and can count on a full 40-plus hour schedule, which is important to most in our industry. Any of these tactics can help contractors attract new employees.”


Read full theNEWS article here; 

The Rewards of Giving Back: Arista Team Rebuilds a Home in Puerto Rico

It’s not every day you get the chance to give someone a gift that changes their lives. A group of 12 employees from MSCA member company, Arista Air Conditioning Corporation, did just that when they traveled to Puerto Rico with Convoy of Hope to build a new house and repair other homes that were damaged in Hurricane Maria.

Before the trip, they knew they would be giving a family back their home, which would certainly make a big impact. And they knew it would feel gratifying to help. But they never expected to be so profoundly affected by the experience, and in so many ways.

“It’s not like we are strangers to helping people. In fact, it’s a big part of what we do everyday in the air conditioning service business, and it’s what makes our work rewarding. But the outcome of this project went far beyond providing comfortable conditions in homes and businesses,” shared Scott Berger, President of Arista.

As a family business, one of their most deeply-rooted values is a commitment to giving back. Every year they are on the lookout for ways we can do so as a company that will make the biggest impact. For Scott, that means more than just donating money. He knew Arista had something valuable to offer: a skilled workforce with experience in many aspects of building construction. In the places where those skills are desperately needed, like Puerto Rico, they are both hard to come by and prohibitively expensive.

Arista partnered with Convoy of Hope, an organization that is often first on the ground after natural disasters and no stranger to the MSCA, which has partnered with them over the past decade during our annual education conference. Arista had already worked with Convoy of Hope earlier in the year, when 150 of our employees spent a morning packing 4000 hygiene kits for people in need. Convoy offered them the opportunity to send a group of 12 people to Puerto Rico for a week to rebuild a home.

When they arrived at the job site on the first day, there were foundation posts with three box beams attached. The team worked very hard in hot and humid conditions for long hours. By the end of 5 days, they had built the entire house, complete with plumbing, electricity, and paint. The house was fairly small and basic, but well constructed and superior to what the surrounding community is living in.

“People who had very little were ready and willing to give whatever they could. Seeing that motivated us to work hard and work together so we could help them as much as possible. The result was a team that was willing and able to move mountains to accomplish their goal. The outcome was truly everything I hoped it would be.”

Everyone was deeply moved by the poverty and conditions people were living in, and were keenly aware of how fortunate they are to live where they do and have everything they have. The entire team is eager to do it all over again!

Read more about their experience; or Watch this video and get inspired to give back!