MSCA CONNECT 2017 – Control Your Workday Clock Make Time Work For You!

MSCA CONNECT 2017 Spotlight
Time Management Education Session

Jason Sturgeon will help you to take control of your time management, build systems to take some of the load off your schedule and use the Time Cycle to start multiplying the hours available to your team and your entire organization. He will help you understand the real cost of working out of control, learn about the cycle of tasks that will help you to improve the efficiency of your time, and train you to work your way up the Time Ladder to access the next level of time management. By the end of this session, you’ll be equipped to take control of the ticking clock in your day and improve time management for yourself, your team and your organization!

Jason Sturgeon worked his way up through the mechanical service trades to construction management before founding Arcade Wayfinding to bring his own unique systems and training to the firms with which he works. He draws on experience from over 20 years in the construction industry, putting his own construction-specific spin on the sessions he teaches.

Don’t miss Jason’s time management session on Wednesday, October 18! We are still accepting registration for MSCA CONNECT 2017. For specific conference and hotel registration information, contact Sobeida OrantesTo register for the conference, click on the button below.

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MSCA’s Plumbing Service 101 – Cash is King Webinar is Now Available!

If you missed Plumbing Service 101, Module 4 – Cash is King, don’t worry, you can now access the webinar in both MSCA’s Resource Center and in Archived Webinars.

This fourth webinar in the MSCA original series, Plumbing Service 101, Cash is King, focuses on the financial aspects of operating a successful plumbing service business. Some of the topics discussed include the cost of an hour of service; flat rate pricing versus hourly billing; the components of labor burden; pre-qualifying customers; billing and collections; handling paperwork; and initial expenses required for start-up.

Each module consists of a 60-minute webinar and corresponding workbook. Webinars and workbooks are free to MSCA/MCAA members.

Access the webinar in Archived Webinars


MSCA CONNECT 2017 Conference Peer Group Forum Sign Up is Now Open For Conference Attendees!

If you are registered to attend the MSCA CONNECT 2017 Education Conference in Boca Raton, FL, you can now sign up for the Roundtable Peer Group Forums you would like to attend at the conference!

Peer Group Forums give you the opportunity to talk about topics of interest and concern with your peers. These sessions will help you connect to a larger vision for your company. During these discussions, you will have plenty of time for interaction and information-sharing with peers and leaders in the field.

These are your Peer Group Forum topics to choose (one session each day):

Monday, October 16 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

    • Conversations with First Timers
    • Business Leaders of Tomorrow (under 40 years old)
    • Be the Service Provider of Choice – New Customer Acquisition
    • How do you Compare? Understanding Service Analytics
    • Exploiting Mobile Field Technologies to Run a More Profitable Business
    • Differentiation – Are You Really That Unique?
    • Recognizing and Dealing with Business Disrupters and Emerging Threats
    • Recruiting and Training for a New Generation of Technicians
    • Using Social Media for Marketing Impact

Wednesday, October 18 from 8:15 am to 9:30 am

  • Don’t Flush Your Profits Away: Plumbing Service Opportunities
  • Mechanical Service Matters
  • People = Profits
  • Happy Employees are Dedicated and Productive Employees
  • Sales from the Ground Up
  • Managing a Large Sales Force
  • Cultivating Enduring Client Relationships in the Smartphone Era
  • Driving Cost Down and Profits Up
  • Building Your Management Team

Click the button below and sign up for your Peer Group Forum choices today before your session is full and no longer available!

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MSCA and Convoy of Hope

We, at MSCA want to extend our heartfelt thoughts, prayers and support to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey including members, MCA affiliated chapters, suppliers, local unions and friends. We hope that all our friends at the Sales Institute, University of Houston, Houston, Texas are safe and sound.

Our community charity partner, Convoy of Hope, sent their Disaster Services team to Texas on Friday ahead of the storm, the first relief agency to respond. They are working with local agencies to identify the areas of greatest need.

Please join us in support of the families affected, as well as Convoy of Hope’s staff and partners on the ground.

You can follow Convoy of Hope’s response and donate to their efforts by clicking the button below:

MSCA CONNECT 2017 – Trends and Forecast for Mechanical Service Industry

Dr. Christopher Kuehl 
An Economy in Flux: Has it Worked Out as Expected?

Dr. Kuehl, leading chief economist for several national and international organizations, will discuss and share his forecast for the mechanical service industry at MSCA CONNECT 2017 Education Conference, October 15-18.

This informative session will give you a solid overview of what has transpired in 2017 and what we can expect and look forward to in 2018. The world of the mechanical service contractor engages with almost every sector of the economy. After Dr. Kuehl’s revealing session, you will have a better idea of which sectors are healthy and which still struggle so that you are better equipped to make decisions for your company armed with this important economic information.

Dr. Christopher Kuehl is a Managing Director of Armada Corporate Intelligence and holds advanced degrees in economics, Soviet and East Asian studies. He provides forecasts and strategic guidance for a wide variety of corporate clients around the world. Dr. Kuehl was a professor of economics and finance for 15 years, teaching in the US, Hungary, Russia, Estonia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Don’t miss Dr. Kuehl’s informative session on Tuesday, October 17! Register today for MSCA CONNECT 2017 using the button below.

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MSCA CONNECT 2017 – Does Your Company Have a Culture of Innovation?

Jay Rao – MSCA CONNECT 2017

Innovation Sandbox: 
Entrepreneurial Leadership &
Culture of Innovation

Jay Rao, a highly rated MCAA ALI presenter and Babson Executive Education programs instructor, uses his executive teaching and consulting in the areas of innovation in initiatives within firms; implementation; customer experience; and  corporate entrepreneurship to show how companies need to change and adapt to new technologies in order to embrace the future of our industry. Dr. Rao’s insights and examples of how big companies like Kodak missed tremendous opportunities to embrace new inventions, for the sake of keeping the status quo, will help you recognize how not to follow that old way of thinking. Dr. Rao shares how the sustainability and stability of big companies has changed with technology and how embracing innovation trends will enable us to implement new technologies into areas of our business with an open mind.

Dr. Rao teaches extensively in the Babson Executive Education programs and has taught and/or consulted for leading companies such as BAE Systems, GlaxoSmithKline and Ocean Spray.

Don’t miss Dr. Rao’s eye-opening and informative session on Tuesday, October 17! Register today for MSCA CONNECT 2017 using the button below.

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Revised Safety Manual for Mechanical Service Technicians Now Available in Print

MCAA recently released an electronic version of its newly revised MSCA Safety Manual for Mechanical Service Technicians. The manual, which includes substantive revisions to sections on CPR, choking, OSHA, arc flash and electrical shock protection, and refrigerants, and new sections on hexavalent chromium, manganese, noise, and zinc, is now available in print.

The extremely popular printed version is a pocket size manual on a durable, hard stock laminated paper. It’s also spiral bound to prevent binding damage.

The member price for printed copies has been substantially reduced. The new member pricing is $5.00 per manual, regardless of the number of manuals ordered. The non-member pricing is $20.00 per manual.

Download a PDF or Purchase Hard Copies

Does Your Company Do Construction Work or Have a Fab Shop?

Then you won’t want to miss these similar titles designed especially for construction and fabrication shop workers.

Safety Manual for Mechanical Construction Workers

Download a PDF or Purchase Hard Copies

Safety Manual for Mechanical Fabrication Shop Workers

Download a PDF or Purchase Hard Copies

A Labor/Management Partnership Like No Other

MCAA is a family. Tragically, members of our family now need our help. We now understand, thanks to the MCA of Houston and UA Locals 68, 211 and 198, just how many of our MCAA and UA families had their lives turned upside down by the unbelievable tragedy named Harvey.

That’s why MCAA established the MCAA Disaster Relief Fund, and a special THANK YOU goes out to the MCAA-affiliated local associations, individuals and member companies, both contractors and manufacturer/suppliers, that quickly stepped up to the plate with substantial contributions to our Relief Fund!

Together, We are Making a Difference!

Those who would like to make a contribution to the fund may do so via check made out to the “MCAA Disaster Relief Fund.” Checks may be mailed to the attention of MCAA CEO John Gentille at the MCAA National Office, 1385 Piccard Drive, Rockville, MD 20850.


Be Sure to Register for the UA/MCAA Labor Relations Conference

The UA/MCAA Labor Relations Conference is returning and will be held November 14 – 15, 2017, at The Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada. Registration for this conference is now open! The conference theme is “Highlighting Best Practices” and will be a very positive and forward-looking event.

The program has been finalized and will feature several UA/MCAA panel discussions that will explore the “Highlighting Best Practices” theme and focus on specific projects and areas across the country. Attendees will hear an encouraging story from 2nd generation pipefitter and member of UA Local 633, Jason Koger, the first double amputee to be fitted with bionic arms in the world. Mark Breslin, who is noted as the number one industry speaker in the nation on change management, leadership, strategy and labor management, will also join the group for a keynote address. Attendees are encouraged to hold joint UA/MCA dinners Wednesday evening and should not plan on departing before the morning of November 16.

At a recent conference held for MCAA’s Local Affiliated Association Executives, Mark McManus UA General President, Mike Pleasant UA Assistant General President, Greg Fuller MCAA President and Mark Rogers MCAA Joint Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chair, addressed attendees and focused on the importance of maximum attendance from both UA and MCAA members. To help achieve this goal, both groups are waiving the conference registration fee.

Register today for this opportunity to further solidify the relationship between the UA and MCAA.

West Chester Mechanical Named 2017 Mechanical Contractor of the Year

Congratulations to everyone at MCAA member West Chester Mechanical of Aston, Pennsylvania for being named Plumbing & Mechanical’s 2017 Mechanical Contractor of the Year.

Owner and COO Mark Rogers’ key to success:

“Listen to people. Listen to others who do what we do. Listen to the guys from the UA. When you listen, that’s when you learn. That’s what has helped us get to where we are now. And take care of the people around you. Be part of their lives and do for them, and good things will happen for you.”

Well said!


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2017 Tech Conference Includes Focus on Service

MCAA’s annual Technology Conference has always been that one place where mechanical contractors in construction, plumbing, and service could get real life, technology information that companies could actually use but this year, a bonus has been added for service contractors.

A real effort and focus has been made this year to include relevant content for service contractors. With the guidance of service contractors on the Tech Committee, each general session will have pertinent information that will be of relevance to the service industry.

Additionally, each of the three breakout sessions will include a service focused topic that will allow MSCA members to dive deep on optimizing their operations.

We’d like to extend an invitation to your tech leaders in your organization to attend the Tech Conference to be held in Austin, Texas, November 8-10, 2017 at the JW Marriott.

Registration is now open for the 2017 MCAA Technology Conference. The registration fee is only $595 – a special value available to MSCA members.

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MSCA CONNECT 2017 – Do You Have a Values-based Company?

Robert Richman at MSCA CONNECT 2017 
Built For Growth – The Value-Based Company

Engaged employees are productive, efficient, and have a great time. This means low turnover, and highly motivated employees you don’t have to micro manage. Values-based companies have employees who manage and motivate themselves. Robert Richman shares stories of the strength of the core values at (a company that became the #6 Best Place to Work in America and #1 in Customer Service), then shares the science behind why they work so well. Once you learn the secrets behind how values work, you will know how to shape culture. Robert shares with you a process to use in discovering and then implementing the values across your organization.

Robert is a culture strategist and co-creator of Zappos Insights, an innovative program focused on educating companies on the secrets behind Zappos’ amazing employee culture. He is also the author of The Culture Blueprint and is a sought after keynote speaker at conferences around the world.

You won’t want to miss Robert’s insightful and engaging session on Tuesday, October 17! Register today for MSCA CONNECT 2017 using the button below.

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MSCA CONNECT 2017 – It’s Possible to Hug Your Haters!

Jay Baer at MSCA CONNECT 2017 – It’s Possible to Hug Your Haters!

Take a sneak peek at Jay’s video to you above.

Jay Baer, author of Hug Your Haters, the world’s first modern customer service manual, shows how companies large and small can benefit from the enormous increase in online complaints and customer feedback. If it feels like there are more complaints than ever, and that you’re spending more time and money dealing with negativity and backlash, you’re right. But the rise of customer complaints is actually an enormous opportunity. In this eye-opening presentation, Jay reveals brand-new, proprietary research into The Science of Complaints – why and where your customers complain, how to embrace your complainers and turn impossible, negative situations into positive, possible solutions. Jay has spent 23 years in digital marketing and customer experience, consulting for more than 700 companies during that period, including 32 of the FORTUNE 500.

Don’t miss Jay’s enlightening session on Wednesday, October 18! Register today for MSCA 2017 using the button below.

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MSCA CONNECT 2017 Education Conference Spotlight

Julie Williamson – MSCA CONNECT 2017

Bringing The Possible to Life: Influencing Decisions Across Your Business 

Julie Williamson, Vice President of Strategy & Research for Karrikins Group (founded by Peter Sheahan, a popular presenter at MSCA conferences) has worked nationally and internationally with companies both large and small, helping them execute a strategy for transformation.

Have you ever found yourself frustrated by people not getting aligned behind an investment or a strategic direction you want to make for your business? Perhaps you have a modern technology to implement, but people continue to find ways to use the old system. You need to get people to make different decisions about their everyday behaviors – how they show up, and what they do to deliver on your organizational commitments. That means you need to disrupt the ‘same old / same old’ thinking that drives most of their decisions, and you need to create new responses that are better aligned with your business goals.

In Julie’s engaging and energizing Education Session, she will dive into the 5 Drivers of decision making and how you as a leader can use them to drive your strategy forward bringing “The Possible” to your business.

Take a peek at Julie’s message below:

For additional information, click on the buttons below:

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Going Retro – The Art of Retrocommissioning in HVACR

In the HVACR industry, most know all about the commissioning process but a new resurgence of retrocommissioning is making a comeback in the HVACR industry.

Properly commissioning an HVAC installation is a necessary process that ensures newly installed systems operate as intended and since many existing buildings are in poor shape, through retrocommissioning, contractors are trained to identify problems and offer solutions.

The process of retrocommissioning refers to identifying improvements that can increase the energy savings and performance of existing buildings. Considering that about half of all commercial buildings in the U.S. were constructed before 1980, it’s easy to see why there is a growing demand for contractors who offer retrocommissioning.

Some of the problems that Richard Starr, President and CEO, Enterprise HVAC Service and Control, Twinsburg, Ohio, and former national chairman of Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA), has uncovered during retrocommissioning include improper air pressures (zones that should be positive but are negative and vice versa), a lack of proper air changes per hour, and building controls that are not calibrated properly.

Ongoing retrocommissioning is absolutely vital to the performance of a building, said Thom Brazel, General Manager, Ruthrauff Service, Pittsburgh, PA, and former national chairman of MSCA.

For the full article in The News, click the button below.

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Egan Realizes Rapid ROI with KEY2ACT’s MobileTech

Egan Company installed the MobileTech solution from KEY2ACT, slashing billing time and eliminating time-consuming paperwork. Chris Yelle, Egan’s service operations manager, estimated that Egan will see its return on investment (ROI) within 18 months of implementing MobileTech, which connects field staff to the back office, providing instant access to the information and enabling both sides to easily manage service calls and appointments.


Looking for More Solutions that Deliver Quick ROI?

Visit the Smart Solutions Case Studies area of our website! You’ll see how other mechanical contractors found their win-win with productivity-enhancing and cost-saving applications from members of MCAA’s Manufacturer/Supplier Council.

Plus, you’ll find tips and ideas on other ways you and your company can save money and enhance your productivity.


UA’s Mark McManus is Special Guest Speaker for MSCA CONNECT 2017 Education Conference!

Mark McManus, UA General President, will be our Special Guest Speaker at MSCA CONNECT 2017 Education Conference on Monday, October 16th at our Opening Celebration!

Mark McManus, United Association General President, leads the nation’s most progressive and influential trade union. Mark McManus has had a distinguished career in support of our nation’s hardworking men and women and has been unwavering in his commitment to a strong and mutually beneficial partnership between labor and management. Mark has served the UA  as International Representative, Administrative Assistant to the General President, and General Secretary-Treasurer before taking over as GP of the 340,000 member International Union.

You must be registered for MSCA 2017 to attend the Opening Celebration, so sign-up today.

For additional information and to register, click on the button below:

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Harrell-Fish Inc. Goes Digital with Jonas Construction Software – Move Slashes Payroll Processing Time, Improves Cash Flow

With their new Jonas Construction Software, Harrell-Fish Inc. (HFI) is now able to turn around billings about five days quicker, improving their cash flow in the process. They have also reduced their payroll processing time from about four hours a month spread out across three employees to about an hour only with Jonas.


Looking for More Ways to Save Time and Improve Cash Flow?

Visit the Smart Solutions Case Studies area of our website! You’ll see how other mechanical contractors found their win-win with productivity-enhancing and cost-saving applications from members of MCAA’s Manufacturer/Supplier Council.

Plus, you’ll find tips and ideas on other ways you and your company can save money and enhance your productivity.


Get the Latest from SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc., ServiceTrade and More in MCAA’s Virtual Trade Show

MCAA’s Virtual Trade Show connects our contractor members with the members of MCAA’s Manufacturer/Supplier Council.

Participating companies highlight and link to new products, product lines, services, solutions or web pages of particular interest. Here are just a few of the recent additions:

SPX LW Fluid CoolerSPX Cooling Technologies, Inc.
The Marley LW Fluid Cooler uses patent-pending heat transfer technology and EC motors. More benefits: lower height, one-piece install, single-point power, factory-installed controls and wiring.

Learn More

ServiceTrade Virtual Trade ShowServiceTrade
ServiceTrade is customer service, sales, and service management software for mechanical service companies.

Learn More

Need Something Else?

Find many more smart solutions in MCAA’s Virtual Trade Show!

Visit the Virtual Trade Show

Speaking of Smart Solutions

Visit the Smart Solutions Case Studies area of our website to learn how other mechanical contractors found their win-win with cost-saving and productivity-enhancing applications from members of MCAA’s Manufacturer/Supplier Council.

This section of our website also includes tips and ideas to help your company save money and enhance your productivity. Don’t miss it!