Arista Gives Back in a Big Way

MSCA member company Arista Air Conditioning Corp, of Long Island City, NY, partnered with Convoy of Hope to organize a charitable event to replace their annual fall company meeting. This event took place on October, where 122 participants came out and packed more that 4,200 hygiene kits that will go to communities and people in need worldwide. Volunteering a total of 244 hours of work, Arista’s employees put their skills and passion towards a great cause.

“I had been feeling that as a company we have such a strong, skilled, hard working group that it was a shame we couldn’t leverage that and give back in some meaningful way’” said President of Arista, Scott Berger.

While this was Arista’s first charitable event like this, they aren’t ready to stop just yet. Arista will be sending 12 employees on a weeklong field trip in Puerto Ricco this January to help rebuild homes that were ravaged during hurricane Maria in conjunction with Convoy of Hope.

“I think everyone at Arista felt good about the work we did and what we accomplished,” according to Scott.

MSCA and Convoy of Hope have a longstanding partnership and have worked together for the past nine years to “give back” in the community where the annual education conference is held.  This year in Huntington Beach, CA MSCA will be lending at hand at a local community health center, Share Our Selves and delivering a tractor trailer full of needed supplies to this organization. This partnership has been very rewarding and our members, including Arista, love the opportunity give back in this meaningful way.


Get All the Details for MSCA18!

We are just weeks away from the 33rd Annual MSCA Education Conference and have launched the MSCA18 phone App and digital program book, with access to all the details needed for a successful and inspiring experience at this year’s conference! Both the App and program book include detailed descriptions of the inspiring key note speeches, relevant peer group topics and powerful education sessions, as well as optional activities and extras that will be available throughout this information packed week.

With exclusive content and access to the conference attendee list, ability to directly message other conference attendees, download conference handouts and build personal conference schedules — the App is the perfect tool to navigate this year’s conference.  It is available in the Apple and Google Play stores using keyword MSCA18.

We have a lot of exciting things in store for this year’s conference and we are excited to share them all with all participants in just a few more weeks!

Keeping You Connected and Informed at MSCA18 with Technology

New this year is the MSCA Genius Bar. A tech pro will be available to assist you with questions about any of your personal devices – including phones, tablets or laptops. They will also be there to help you download and get logged into the 2018 conference app where you will be able to view the schedule, attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and more. Our MSCA tech pro will be on hand Sunday — Tuesday to assist and assure you stay connected throughout MSCA18.

The ConTechCrew from JBKnowledge will be conducting interviews each day of select MSCA members and suppliers to discuss unique technology innovations that they have implemented in their businesses. Stop by or tune into The ContechCrew Podcast for discussions on the latest technology products, software and tools from these leading contractors who are harnessing cutting-edge solutions.

Don’t miss out on getting your “Challenge Accepted” pin!  You can learn a lot in just a minute. Stop by the podcast booth and take part in the MSCA Minute Technology Challenge. Answer 10 rapid fire questions about your current technology situation—you get just 60 seconds to answer! After taking the quiz you will have better insight into how you compare to your industry peers when it comes to technology. These answers will also allow us to assess the current technology needs and challenges of MSCA members so that we can better serve you. Stick around and receive complimentary advice from JBKnowledge on all things tech. Leave with new ideas that can be implemented within your own business right away as well as your pin!


UA’s 2018 International Apprenticeship Contest HVAC Winner

Every year the United Association (UA) holds an International Apprenticeship Contest, bringing together top apprentices from the US and Canada. The apprentices compete in local, state/provincial and district contests, including written and hands on projects.  The committee then selects the top individual from each trade from the District Apprentice Contest winners. The recipient of the International Apprenticeship Contest award portrays the UA’s commitment to the highest standard of performance and the desire to make a difference in the lives of the people they teach.

This year’s HVAC winner Ryan D. England, District 4, Local 137, is from Springfield, IL. Ryan is a recent graduate from the UA Apprenticeship program.

Ryan has been employed by AIRmasters, an MSCA member, for the past six years.  Robbie Mathews, Founder, Owner and Service Manager of AIRmasters is proud of Ryan’s accomplishment in winning this award but said he is not surprised. “Watching him grow and evolve both personally and professionally has been indescribable for me,” says Mathews. “I believe that almost all accomplishments and accolades in life have some sort of luck involved. But not this one!”

Mathews goes on to say, it is no secret that highly trained HVAC service technicians, especially ones that grow and adapt with the technological advances of the equipment, are becoming harder and harder to find. Employers often need to invest in additional training for service staff, which can be costly. This is not the case with Ryan. His drive for excellence and hunger for knowledge does not go unnoticed by his leader’s or industry peers. He takes a lot of pride in his work and does not rely on others to enhance both his skills and his professionalism. As Mathews said; “Finding a smart guy might come our way, but rarely one that also possesses manners, respect and humility. Ryan is truly the exception”.

Congratulations, Ryan, on a job well-done!

The Thunderbirds will be SOARing at MSCA18!

This year’s MSCA18 educational conference will coincide with the 3rd annual Huntington Beach Air Show! The air show will take place October 20 – 21 from Noon until 4:00 pm daily, with a practice day on Friday, October 19. As a conference attendee, you will have the unique opportunity to get a prime-time view of the show, at no charge, from the conference hotel. Or you can watch from the beach — the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort is the only hotel in Huntington Beach that has direct access to the beach. This year’s featured performers will include USAF Thunderbirds, Douglas C-47 Sky Train, Lucas Oil Aerobatics, and more.

Former Thunderbird and the first woman to fly on any Department of Defense military jet demonstration team, Col. Nicole Malachowski, USAF, Ret., will be kicking off the conference Monday morning. You’ll also have the chance to meet her at the Welcome Reception Sunday night.  The air show is sure to be a spectacular experience and you won’t want to miss it!

Benefit From What Your Peers Know

The MSCA Discussion forum is a great place to get answers and collaborate with industry peers and experts. There are over 25 topics currently being discussed on the forum; including On-boarding New Customers, Tool Tracking and Auto Renewals. Check them all out and see what kind of ideas you can share or knowledge you can gain!

Here are the easy instructions on how to use MSCA Discussion Forum:

  • Log into MSCA’s website with your username and password
  • Go to Discussion Forum tab at upper right hand corner and click
  • Scroll down and pick a topic that you want to join or start a new topic
  • Share your thoughts or ask a question and hit the submit button on lower right
  • Connect with experts and peers in interesting discussions and get feedback

Are Your PM Sales Living Up to Their Full Potential?

Maintenance contracts are the foundation of your business and the strongest way to grow your profits!  Learning how to achieve your true growth potential through the sale of PM contracts is vital to your continued success and to increasing your bottom line.  At this year’s MSCA18 educational conference, industry experts Dave Bavisotto, Chris Carter and Wayne Turchetta will shed light on the importance of growing your agreement base and the keys to successfully retaining it.  With each new PM agreement having the potential to generate over 200% return on investment through repair work, you can’t afford to not foster this growth.

Join us in Huntington Beach, October 21 – 24, for this revealing session that will open your eyes to the true potential value of preventative maintenance agreements and the extremely important role they play in sustaining your business.

Don’t Fall Short When It Comes to Labor Recruitment

We are headed towards a crucial labor shortage in the building trades industry.  In fact, it is already apparent in many parts of the country—but there are things that can be done to combat it, and it starts with a shift in your mindset on how to tackle recruiting.

Forward-thinkers Tim Herbert, UA Lead Organizer, Washington State Pipe Trades and Josh Windy, UA Organizer, Michigan Pipe Trades, will be joining us in Huntington Beach, CA at this year’s MSCA18 educational conference to share the steps they’ve taken to address this issue in their area in a creative and successful way. This talk will include new perspectives on ways to find and contact potential recruits as well as the importance of creating and fostering long-term, on-going relationships with those considering a career in the HVACR industry. You will learn about a new interactive database they created to help track and maintain contacts; and how local contractors are involved and engaged in the process. This session will provide you with a fresh outlook on recruiting and provide you with the tools you need to ensure you are attracting the best talent to fulfill your manpower needs.

Life Would be Easy if it Were Not for Other People

Imagine what you could accomplish if you could decode the mystery of human behavior and truly understand what makes people do what they do and say what they say (including yourself!) Award-winning author of seven books and human relations expert Connie Podesta will join us in Huntington Beach, CA at the MSCA18 educational conference and show why #1 key to SUCCESS is the ability to get along with other people both at work and at home. Her message will both challenge and empower you with the knowledge you need to get along better with all the people in your life.

Connie’s emphasis on the value of long term results rather than more quick fixes will help you implement strategies that will make a lasting impact on your daily interactions with others. She will take participants right inside the minds and personalities of the people they encounter every day–bosses, colleagues, partners, customers, friends, and family– so you can act, rather than react, to whatever life throws your way!

Dick Starr, Former MSCA Chairman, Provides Insight on the Maintenance Requirements of High-Performance Buildings

Energy efficiency, comfort, and productivity are the top focus for most high-performance buildings, according to Dick Starr, senior account executive, Enterprise HVAC Service & Control, Twinsburg, Ohio and former chairman of the MSCA Board of Managers.

In a high-performance building, system integration is key. A balance between productivity, safety, good health, and energy efficiency is imperative. Failure to maintain one component may prevent the entire system from performing optimally.

With an emphasis on system v. equipment, these high-performance buildings differ from most other commercial buildings, where the focus tends to land more on a ‘break/fix’ mentality and focus only on basic wear and tear maintenance. With the equipment running independently of each other maintaining one part will not impact another.

Since high-performance buildings are normally ‘owner-occupied’ facilities, according to Starr, he believes that building and maintaining trust between the building owner and HVAC service provider is key to developing best practices and creating a successful strategic plan. Each building is unique and requires a different maintenance program to operate at its highest potential.

Read the full article from theNews and learn more on how to create a maintenance program that will result in higher performing systems, please click here.

Popular Peer Group Forums to Feature Hot Topics at MSCA18

Looking to grow your company’s vision? Curious about best practices in deploying mobile devices? Needing ideas on how to increase your customer retention? Or have questions about building data analysis? We’ve got you covered.

This year’s MSCA education conference in Huntington Beach, CA will feature two sessions of peer group forums.  Always one of our most popular conference events, these peer group forums provide a unique opportunity to discuss current topics and concerns with your peers and top leaders in the field. Each of these interactive sessions are lead by a leader in the industry and will focus on a single topic in order to provide an opportunity to dive into an in-depth conversation amongst the entire group. This collaborative environment is a valuable way to share and learn from other’s successes and setbacks and launch your business ahead of the competition. We will be talking about technological innovations on both the hardware and software side as well as discussing struggles and sharing best practices on how to deal with the new realities in our field, to name a few. With more than seventeen topics to choose from, including water management programs, service training, sales, succession planning and empowering techs, there’s no doubt that you’ll be leaving with invaluable knowledge and resources to help advance your business.

Be on the lookout mid-September for instructions on how to sign-up for the topics that interest you!

Money for Nothing – Learn How to Create Your Company’s Story at MSCA18

Humans are programmed to respond to images, stories, and the rhythm and rhyme of music.  We are stirred by our favorite songs, movies, and books.  Historically, large consumer brands like Coca-Cola, Ford, and Chevy have used music and stories to great effect in establishing a premium market position.  Brands like Facebook, Snapchat, Amazon, and eBay use online storytelling with pictures and customer reviews to build extraordinary value for their shareholders.  How can a commercial service contractor take advantage of these human tendencies to similarly build the value of their service brand?

CEO of Service Trade and the author of The Digital Wrap, Billy Marshall, will join us in Huntington Beach this year at the MSCA18 education conference and share his wisdom on the importance of building valuable customer relationships through online engagement. Pull your customers into an online experience that will transform your service brand by becoming a great digital storyteller and watch how it can earn you more pay for less work.

Create a Vision of Greatness at MSCA18 – with a side of corned beef!

Have you ever eaten a corned beef sandwich from Zingerman’s Restaurant in Ann Arbor, MI? If not, you have missed out on one of life’s greatest experiences. But there is a lot more than just bread and meat behind that sandwich.

Zingerman’s founder, Paul Saginaw believes that he has been successful in spite of the fact that he has limited natural talent and abilities because he has always thought that the only real limits are those of vision. At the October MSCA18 Education Conference in Huntington Beach, CA, Paul will share his inspirational and “visioning” approach to business that has lead to Zingerman’s success.

Zingerman’s started in 1982 as 1300 square feet of combined restaurant and specialty food retail space, run by Paul, his co-founder and two employees. The Zingerman’s Community of Businesses now has 22 partners, employs over 750 people and generates over $65 million in annual sales from ten separate businesses. Inc. Magazine called Zingerman’s “the coolest small company in America.” During his conference presentation, Paul will explain why Great Service, Open Book Management, and Visioning have created a culture of engagement and appreciation from the front line to the organization’s governing body with behind-the-scenes “secrets” that are invaluable in building a special, sustainable business of any kind. Whether you’re running a law office, a library, a restaurant, a record label, a software firm, or a mechanical service company, Zingerman’s approach is sure to help your business thrive.

The MSCA18 Education Conference will be held October 21 – 24, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa, Huntington Beach, CA.

Ferris Student Marjorie Banda Receives MSCA Scholarship

Marjorie Banda, a freshman in Ferris State University’s HVACR program, was the recipient of this year’s MSCA Scholarship in recognition of her scholastic achievement. In a thank you letter to MSCA Executive Director Barbara Dolim, Marjorie said, “I am truly grateful for the financial support that I have received from you as an organization. It will definitely make a big difference and leave a mark that will be with me as long as I live. I am motivated to work even harder in school and obtain my HVACR Bachelor’s Degree.”

Marjorie is involved in several student organizations, including the Greater Michigan MSCA Student Chapter, which presented the scholarship.

In the conclusion to her letter, Marjorie noted that, “Supporting females like myself in STEM programs instills confidence in women that indeed the industry does believe that women do have the potential to contribute to the industry.”

MSCA provides scholarship money annually to the MSCA Chapter of Ferris State University to be awarded to a student (or students) in the university’s HVACR program, as selected by department faculty, based on scholastic achievement and other criteria. MSCA representatives serve on the department’s advisory board and chapter members are invited to attend the annual MSCA conference where they have an opportunity to meet with MSCA members from around the country.

Is Your Business Designed to Survive the 21st Century? Prepare Now at MSCA18

Most companies are simply not designed to survive. They become successful on the basis of one big idea or breakthrough product. The companies that will thrive in the near future are the ones not only embracing change but breaking the rules. Companies built to survive are a result of deliberate business design decisions smart leaders are making today.  At this year’s MSCA education conference, Mike Walsh, CEO of Tomorrow, will provide thought-provoking advice on business transformation and business survival.  Walsh will outline the mega-trends shaping the future of business and consumer behavior, and the lessons learned on leveraging disruptive innovation, adopting a data-driven mindset and leading change through digital transformation. Walsh will provide additional take home value by providing “Mind Grenades” – thought-provoking questions and “next action” ideas and concrete suggestions specific for the HVACR industry.


Protect Your Fitters, Plumbers, and Service Techs From the Extreme Heat By Reminding Them About Heat Illnesses and Prevention Methods

Now is a great time to remind your fitters, plumbers, service technicians, and their supervisors about heat illnesses and how to prevent them.  The heat illnesses we’re most concerned about include heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat syncope, and heat cramps.

HEAT STROKE: The body loses its ability to sweat and can’t control its temperature. Heat stroke is a medical emergency.

HEAT EXHAUSTION: The body sweats away too much water and salt.

HEAT SYNCOPE: The body’s blood pressure becomes too low resulting in dizziness or fainting.

HEAT CRAMPS: The body experiences painful muscle spasms.

To help prevent heat illnesses:

  • Provide training for all affected workers on heat illnesses and prevention methods.
  • On extremely hot days, reduce the physical demands on your workers as much as possible.
  • Work tasks that are particularly physically demanding should be performed early in the morning or later in the afternoon avoiding the hottest part of the day.
  • Provide a constant supply of cold water.
  • Encourage your workers to drink at least a full cup of cold water every 15 to 20 minutes throughout each day.
  • Encourage your workers to avoid drinking alcohol, caffeine, and high sugar content drinks during periods of extremely hot temperatures.
  • Allow frequent rest periods in cool shaded areas.
  • Encourage your workers to wear light-weight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing made of breathable fabrics that are also designed to filter out harmful UV rays.
  • Keep a close watch on workers who are at higher risk for heat illnesses. For example, workers required to wear hot personal protective equipment, such as arc flash gear, welding gear, respirators, etc., and overweight workers may be at higher risk.

Get a Grip on Your Business at MSCA18

EOS is a comprehensive business system with real, simple, practical tools that helps business leaders clarify, simplify and achieve their vision.   During this bonus optional session,  “Are You Running Your Business or is it Running You?,” attendees will learn how to see their business in a whole new light and to achieve better results through strengthening the Six Key Components™ of a great organization (Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process and Traction).  The outcome creates alignment and synchronizes all the pieces of your business to produce the results you want.  This special session will take place on Sunday, October 21 from 7:30 a.m. – noon prior to the start of the MSCA conference.  Cost is $300 and includes all program materials and copy of the book “What the Heck is EOS,” co-authored by program presenter Tom Bouwer.


Introducing the Women in the Mechanical Industry Initiative Page

MCAA/MSCA’s Women in the Mechanical Industry Initiative has a new home on the MCAA website! If you’re a woman executive or employee of an MCAA/MSCA member company, this page will keep you up to date on our efforts to enable women in the mechanical industry to further enrich their careers through networking, educational, mentoring and career development opportunities beyond those already offered through membership in MCAA and MSCA.

Rethink Leadership, People and Teams at MSCA18

Steve Thomas, one of MSCA’s most highly rated speakers, will explore that one common thing effective leaders and cultures have that enables them to accomplish great things, in and through people. You will be challenged to rethink the steps it takes to create a culture in which people can come to work and be the best version of themselves and experience full engagement. Warning: it’s not normal!

During The Scooch Project, Steve will navigate the riddle of disengagement and empty! Why is it that two leaders can do the exact same thing and get two completely different results? Why can two companies be the same in so many areas and yet one is fun to work for and the other drives people insane? According to researchers, 70% of our workforce is disengaged. Why? In this session, Steve will explore that one common thing effective leaders and cultures have that enables them to accomplish great things, in and through people. You will be challenged to rethink the steps it takes to create a culture in which people can come to work and be the best version of themselves and experience full engagement. Warning: it’s not normal!

If you have not previously participated in a program taught by Steve Thomas, you have certainly been missing out! Join us for MSCA18 to hear him speak.