MSCA 2013 Annual Educational Conference

MSCA 2013 Annual Educational Conference

In today’s rapidly changing business and social environment, only those individuals and companies that dare to look beyond their customary business practices and personal behaviors and go “beyond their limits” are destined to succeed. MSCA 2013 is all about gaining the confidence, skills and expertise to push beyond traditional boundaries and realizing accomplishments that you once perceived as unreachable.

Through forward-thinking sessions and programs, your eyes will be opened to endless possibilities, resetting your gauge of what is truly achievable. The roster of speakers that have been assembled this year will help you understand that today’s business world is not “business as usual” but requires the self-assurance and willingness to change to future-proof your business and ensure continued success and growth. MSCA 2013 will provide you the edge needed to provoke and inspire you to live and work outside of your comfort zone, transforming both your business and your life. It’s your golden opportunity to meet, learn from, and mingle with other industry leaders who are serious about growth and going above and beyond!

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Course Details

Contact: Barbara Dolim at 301-869-5800 or

Suggested Attendees: principals, senior management, middle management, local association executives, family members

Fee: $1,300; Spouse/Guest: $575