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"I can see that the Great Futures site for summer interns is going to be a huge hit!!! I already hired an intern off of the website. I had better luck with that than I did by contacting the university directly. Great idea."

If You're Looking for an Intern, Visit! That's a quote from Curt Mirwaldt of Project Design & Piping, Inc. (Fort Wayne, IN) who tried to find internship candidates and succeeded. If you're still looking for a bright, energetic, eager-to-learn college student with an interest in our industry to fill an internship position in your company, go to The 200+ candidates listed are among the best to be coming through the top U.S. schools of construction management, engineering and architecture. Their interests, contact information and resumes are posted along with their photos. Stop by for a visit. And, when you find and hire the right candidate, then apply for a Student Internship Grant. The $1,500 grants are funded by the Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation at and are available to MCAA members to help defray the cost of hiring an intern. There's no deadline for submitting the grant request and you may apply for as many grants as you have interns. Questions? Please contact Ann Mattheis at

2014 Student Chapter Summit Presentations

Once again, we had some very informative presentations at our Student Chapter Summit! If you would like a copy, click the links below to download.

MCAA Proudly Supports ACE Mentor Program

MCAA has been a national board of directors member of the ACE Mentor Program since 2007. ACE Mentor is a national program that introduces and educates high school students about the construction industry and the career opportunities that it offers. Founded in 1994 by Charles H. Thornton, world-renowned structural engineer and co-owner of New York-based Thornton Tomasetti, Inc., ACE Mentor reaches into urban high schools and matches teams of interested students with mentors from the architecture, construction and engineering industries (hence, the name ACE) who expose the students to the building industry through regular after-school meetings, visits to their offices and project sites, and competitions. ACE encourages qualified students to further their education in college or technical schools and offers scholarships to help them. MCAA's student chapter program is uniquely positioned to further its own and ACE Mentor's goals by matching mentors from MCAA student chapters with nearby ACE high schools. For more information about ACE, please contact Ann Mattheis at Ann Mattheis at or ACE Mentor Executive Director John Strock at

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    MCAA's student chapter program gives students the opportunity to learn about the industry by attending regular meetings with their MCAA local affiliate sponsors, taking field trips to a variety of jobsites and facilities, working together on volunteer projects, participating in fundraising events, and more. Start your own student chapter today!


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